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The Devil's Light - What We Know So Far

Horror fans have been patiently waiting for the supernatural horror film "The Devil's Light" for some time now, and while all the pieces of the film seem to have fallen into place, it has yet to be released. The film was first reported as in production by Gold Circle Films, with a distribution deal arranged with Lionsgate in late 2019, according to the Hollywood Reporter. In May 2020, it was announced (via Deadline) that "The Devil's Light" would launch in 2021 — but that hasn't happened yet, leaving many questions unanswered.

The premise of "The Devil's Light" caught the attention of horror fans, as it seemed poised to explore the exorcism sub-genre from a female perspective. James Hawes was originally slated to direct the film — which THR notes was written by Robert Zappia, who had previously written the script for "Halloween H20: 20 Years Later" — but Daniel Stamm eventually took his place, according to Bloody Disgusting. Stamm is a German director with a history of working on horror-themed TV shows such as "Scream: The TV Series" and "Fear the Walking Dead." He has also directed another exorcism film, "The Last Exorcism."

While there are a lot of things that fans don't yet know about "The Devil's Light," the producers have been candid with plenty of details during the production. Here's everything we know about the release date, cast, and plot of "The Devil's Light."

What's the release date for The Devil's Light?

Unfortunately, the release date of "The Devil's Light" is perhaps the most challenging detail to pin down at this point.

When the film was first announced in 2019, Screen Daily reported that it was set to enter production in early 2020. When "The Devil's Light" found a new director in Daniel Stamm, a spring start was already in question, per Bloody Disgusting. In May 2020, Deadline reported that Lionsgate announced it was shifting the release dates for many of its high-profile films, including "John Wick 4," but was resolute that "The Devil's Light" would still land in theaters on January 8, 2021.

It wouldn't be until June 2020 that Jacqueline Byers was cast in the lead role (via Deadline), at which point filming was delayed until later in the year. A Collider article in September 2020 seemed to offhandedly confirm that filming had been completed in Bulgaria. The most recent mention of progress comes from Film Music Reporter, which announced that Nathan Barr had been hired to score the film — three days after it was supposed to have arrived in theaters.

Without more information about the film's status, it's hard to guess when it will come out. However, gearing up for a theatrical release takes time. So, while "The Devil's Light" could arrive sometime in 2021, it's equally likely that it may get pushed to 2022.

Who is in the cast of The Devil's Light?

Fans may be left in the dark as to when they might see "The Devil's Light" in theaters, but they can at least be reasonably sure about who will be in the film when it finally arrives.

As previously mentioned, "The Devil's Light" locked down Jacqueline Byers as the main character — Sister Ann, a 25-year-old nun who strives to learn how to perform exorcisms in a culture overwhelmingly run by men. At the same time that Deadline broke the news that Byers would star, it also confirmed that Virginia Madsen will co-star as Dr. Peters, a mentor for Sister Ann, while Ben Cross will play Cardinal Matthews. In supporting roles are Nicholas Ralph as Father Raymond, Christian Navarro as Father Dante, and Colin Salmon as Father Quinn.

Sadly, Ben Cross was one of the actors we lost in 2020. According to Variety, news of his death came just 10 days after he finished shooting his parts for "The Devil's Light," making it the revered actor's final role.

What is the plot of The Devil's Light?

Lionsgate has given fans a pretty good idea of the story they can expect to see those actors uncover in "The Devil's Light." A synopsis provided to JoBlo.com describes the film's plot as centered around Sister Ann, who passionately believes that she has the power to perform exorcisms. However, the religious organization that provides the training to properly facilitate exorcisms grants that knowledge only to priests, keeping women, like Sister Ann, sidelined. Sister Ann is connected with Dr. Peters, who helps her observe exorcism training sessions, through which she meets "one of the school's most disturbed patients."

Sister Ann discovers a far more malevolent entity that not only exists in the institution but also has essential ties to her past. Her interactions with this demonic presence help Sister Ann discover her true potential as an exorcist. 

Hopefully, things will come together soon so that horror fans can see this shocking story play out on the big screen.