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Where Is Ashley Taylor From My 600-Lb Life Now?

Some truly remarkable success stories have come out of TLC's "My 600-lb Life." Season 4's Nikki Webster lost nearly 450 pounds, while Milla Clark, who appeared on the same season as Webster, lost an astonishing 600 pounds. It shows that when a person is serious about their health and well-being, transformations are possible. Then there are the other participants where you have to ask yourself why exactly they wanted to be on the show in the first place if they weren't going to take it seriously. 

That was the case with Season 8's Ashley Taylor. Fans of "My 600-lb Life" may remember her as one of the most controversial cast members who's appeared on the series. She didn't seem to take Dr. Now's diet plan and health advice seriously, and she ended up in a verbal confrontation with the doctor, walking out on him in the middle of an appointment. She didn't provide her weight at the beginning of the episode, but her final weigh-in showed her at 469 pounds, which wasn't enough to qualify her for gastric bypass surgery. 

Ashley Taylor isn't active on social media, so it's tough to say with certainty how she's doing at the moment. However, she appeared on a different reality series if you want to see more of her.

Ashley Taylor was a recurring offender on MTV's Catfish

At one point in Ashley Taylor's episode of "My 600-lb Life," she discusses how she has a habit of catfishing online. It was another one of her bad habits she seemed to recognize needed to change. At one point in her episode, she mentions, "I recently got caught impersonating someone on the internet, and I hope people know that I never meant to hurt anyone. That was never my intention. Had I known that it was going to get out of control like this, I would have never done it" (via International Business Times). 

It turns out you can watch her deceptive ways on the MTV reality series "Catfish." She appeared on the first episode of Season 8, which aired at the beginning of 2020, where she pretended to be someone else to a woman named Red. Similar to how Taylor treated Dr. Now, she was hostile toward the "Catfish" crew when they merely attempted to get answers about why she felt compelled to catfish Red for so long. 

That wasn't her last time showing up on "Catfish," as she also has an appearance on Season 8, Episode 10. This time around, the crew stages an intervention of sorts, complete with numerous people Taylor fooled over the years, including Red. After getting caught twice, one would assume Taylor's catfishing days are over, but there's no way to be sure. Perhaps she could go for the trifecta and pop up on a future episode of the MTV series.