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The Fresh Off The Boat Reunion You Didn't Notice In Wish Dragon

Netflix's "Wish Dragon" features an unexpected surprise for "Fresh Off the Boat" fans.

Directed by Chris Appelhans, the animated adventure follows a young man, Din, after he crosses paths with a magical dragon named Long, capable of — as the film's title notes — granting wishes. Energized by the possibilities the dragon's abilities present, Din and Long set off together on a journey through modern-day Shanghai in search of a childhood friend Din lost contact with years ago. The film, produced by Jackie Chan, already hit theaters in China back in January, and is set to make its international debut on Netflix on June 11.

In addition to its unique and fun premise, "Wish Dragon" boasts an impressive voice cast. John Cho and Jimmy Wong provide the voices of the film's central duo — Long and Din, respectively — while actors like Will Yun Lee, Bobby Lee, and Natasha Liu Bordizzo voice several important supporting characters. They're not the only notable names featured in the "Wish Dragon" voice cast either, which also includes a surprising reunion of stars from one of the best network comedies of the past few years.

Here's the sneaky "Fresh Off the Boat" reunion in "Wish Dragon."

Wish Dragon's voice cast features several Fresh Off the Boat stars

Fans of the ABC sitcom "Fresh Off the Boat" may recognize not just one but a handful of voices in "Wish Dragon." That's because the film's voice cast includes actors Constance Wu, Jimmy O. Yang, and Ian Chen, all of whom appeared in "Fresh Off the Boat." 

Wu starred in one of the series' lead roles as Jessica Huang, the wife and mother of the show's central family. Chen played Evan Huang, the youngest son of Wu's Jessica. Meanwhile, Yang had a smaller role in "Fresh Off the Boat," guest-starring in the series as Horace, the only son of Ming-Na Wen's Elaine Lee. As series regulars, Wu and Chen both appeared in all 116 episodes of "Fresh Off the Boat." Yang, however, starred in only three episodes of the series' fifth season.

"Fresh Off the Boat" ran for six seasons before — much to the frustration of its fans — coming to an end in 2020. Fortunately, while it may not be in the manner some "Fresh Off the Boat" viewers might have predicted (or hoped), "Wish Dragon" does bring together some of the show's stars again. Wu voices the character of Mrs. Song in the film, while Jimmy O. Yang voices Weichi and Ian Chen provides the voice for the younger version of Din (Jimmy Wong voices the older Din). It's a serendipitous and welcome reunion, and just another reason to check out "Wish Dragon" on Netflix.