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The Crazy Rich Asians Reunion You Didn't Notice In Wish Dragon

Animation fans have been eagerly anticipating "Wish Dragon" ever since the project was announced, and with good reason. Set to drop on Netflix on June 11, the Chinese-American production is a genie-in-a-bottle story retelling, following a working class college student, Din, who meets an all-powerful dragon, Long, capable of granting wishes. "Wish Dragon" is the first film produced by Base Animation, a new animation studio that is part of the VFX firm Base FX, as reported by Variety

"Our goal in developing the project ... was to make world class animation in China for China ... and the world," producer Chris Bremble told Variety. "From the start, [director and screenwriter] Chris Appelhans wanted the film made in China, with a strong Mainland China creative team, an international cast of talent, and a focus on the hopes and dreams of contemporary China." Chinese audiences already had a chance to see the film when it premiered in theaters this past January. It opened to $7.15 million, per Animation World Network

"Wish Dragon" has an impressive cast, including legendary martial arts film star Jackie Chan, who voices Long in the Mandarin version of the film, and two actors who find themselves reunited after headlining a major Hollywood blockbuster.

Wish Dragon stars Constance Wu and Jimmy O. Yang

Wish Dragon marks the reunion of two actors who starred in another film noted for its predominately Asian cast, the enormously successful "Crazy Rich Asians." "Hustlers" star Constance Wu voices Mrs. Song in the upcoming film, while "Silicon Valley" alum Jimmy O. Yang plays Weichi. Audiences will likely remember Wu for her starring role as Rachel Chu in "Crazy Rich Asians," for which she received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress. Yang starred in the hit romantic comedy as Bernard, a former classmate of Henry Golding's Nick Young. 

Many other notable names provide their voice acting talents to "Wish Dragon," including John Cho of "Star Trek" fame, who voices dragon Long in the film's English version, and Will Yun Lee from "Hawaii Five-0." Jimmy Wong, known for his role in 2020's "Mulan," and "MADtv" star Bobby Lee also star in the film.

With its heart-warming premise and talented cast, "Wish Dragon" is sure to be an entertaining watch for children and adults alike.