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The Ending Of Sweet Tooth Season 1 Explained

The world has ended, and what's left isn't pretty. A deadly virus called H5G9 — or "The Sick" for short — has all but destroyed humanity, and the remaining population is struggling to survive. They're also struggling to make sense of the strange human-animal hybrid babies that have started turning up in the decade after the apocalyptic plague. Some, like the dangerous Last Men, seek to hunt the hybrids down. Others take a more benevolent approach, choosing to save and shelter the poor kids. No one seems to know what's really going on.

Such is the premise of Netflix's critically acclaimed "Sweet Tooth," a fantasy drama that's based on Jeff Lemire's comic book of the same name. Its story focuses on the adventures of a human-deer hybrid called Gus (Christian Convery), and his adult friend, Tommy Jepperd (Nonso Anozie). They spend the first season of the show traveling around and getting in all sorts of trouble, and by the time the final episode ends, it's clear just how many secrets and dangers they're up against. Let's take a look at the exciting ending of "Sweet Tooth" Season 1. 

Gus and the hybrid children are in a bad place

"Sweet Tooth" Season 1 has been a never-ending series of discoveries for Gus, who started the show with barely any knowledge of the world. Dangerous as they've been, his travels with Jepperd have often had an air of excitement and even positivity. By the end of the season, however, the poor kid's world has come crashing down in virtually every possible way. He now knows that he's actually a genetic experiment, and that his supposed biological parents, Birdie (Amy Seimetz) and Pubba (Will Forte), were actually affiliated with the laboratory where Genetic Unit Series 1 — Gus, in other words — was created. 

Of course, the show's not happy with just upending poor Gus' sense of self and turning his childlike wonder into shock and sadness. General Abbot's (Neil Sandilands) Last Men take over Aimee's (Dania Ramirez) Preserve and capture its hybrid children, and Gus himself soon gets caught, too. The kids are now prisoners, and subject to nasty experiments by the conflicted Dr. Singh (Adeel Akhtar), who doesn't really like what he's doing, but remains desperate to find a cure for the Sick. 

Despite all this awfulness, there is a silver lining. Gus seems quite happy to find other hybrids, and his ability to speak saves him from the scalpel. Besides, a cliffhanger at the end of the episode makes it pretty clear that Aimee and Jepperd are gearing up for the mother of all daring rescue operations. 

Jepperd flashbacks galore

The season finale is called "Big Man," and sure enough, it puts Tommy Jepperd and his past trauma front and center. Through a combination of flashbacks and expository dialogue, we learn that when his wife (Luciane Buchanan) gave birth amidst the apocalyptic chaos, Jepperd panicked and ran away from her and their child when he saw that the baby was a human-sheep hybrid. He never found either of them again, and his cowardice and loss weigh heavily on him. As such, part of his decision to help Gus is an attempt to redeem his past mistakes. 

It's all very tragic, and gets even more so when the Last Men ruin the moment by shooting Jepperd. Fortunately, Aimee is able to rescue him before he succumbs to the injury ... and, as it happens, the episode also shows us a hybrid child who looks an awful lot like an older version of Jepperd's lost baby. Should Netflix greenlight "Sweet Tooth" Season 2, you can likely expect the show to pick up this plotline with a vengeance. 

Bear finds out that Birdie is alive

Like everyone else who's not affiliated with the Last Men and General Abbot's nefarious plot to use a cure for the Sick to grab even more power, Bear (Stefania LaVie Owen) has a bad old time in the ending of "Sweet Tooth" Season 1. In her case, though, it's mainly because viewers find out how awful her life has been. As with Jepperd, we learn a whole bunch of her backstory, starting with her real name — Becky Walker — and the reason she ended up with the Animal Army. Bear lost her parents to the Sick, had her hybrid little sister taken away, and wandered around until she met Tiger (Mia Artemis) and started her new life.

Fortunately, the audience learns that Wendy (Naledi Murray) is Bear's long-lost sister, so there's hope for happiness yet. Bear is also responsible for the final reveal of the season, when her attempts to tinker with a satellite phone finally connect her to a station in Alaska ... where a very surprised Birdie answers the phone. With Gus' "mother" still alive, it's pretty clear that the potential "Sweet Tooth" Season 2 just gained a very powerful and determined player.