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What Is The Song In The Cheetos 'Flamin' Hot Collaboration' Commercial?

Cheetos commercials have a long history of using celebrities to hawk the puffed corn treats. Their most recent celebrity collaboration, a commercial co-starring celeb spouses Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis and featuring the Shaggy hit "It Wasn't Me" made a big splash at this year's Superbowl (via Youtube), and previous celebrity endorsers include MC Hammer.

A recent ad for the brand's Flamin' Hot Crunchy Cheetos features the well-known singer, rapper, and occasional professional wrestler (per CBS Sports) Bad Bunny, who recently won the top Latin Artist Award at the 2021 Billboard Awards (via Billboard). Bad Bunny has had multiple hits recently – his album "El Último Tour Del Mundo" hit No. 1 on the charts upon its release in the fall of 2020, as did the disc's lead single, "Dakiki" (per Billboard).

In the commercial, the singer can be seen in a recording studio, grooving to music. After being handed a bag of Flamin' Hot Crunchy Cheetos by Chester Cheetah, the company's mascot, he immediately comes up with a catchy tune. The room fills with bright, neon-color-covered dancers and drummers. Now sporting Cheeto-dusted fingertips, the rapper says, "In life, you can choose to leave things just like they are or you can choose to leave your mark" in Spanglish. Then he turns and points toward Chester Cheetah, who stands in the doorway.

During the Cheetos "Flamin' Hot Collaboration," Bad Bunny performs a recent single from his album, one that casual observers of the singer might not be able to identify at first listen. What's the song's name?

Bad Bunny's good collaboration

According to iSpot.tv, the tune playing during the commercial is Bad Bunny's November 2020 single, "Yo Visto Así," which peaked at No. 6 on the Latin Digital Song Sales and No. 5 on the US Hot Latin Songs charts, according to Billboard. The song is the same across the four variations released on the Cheetos Youtube channel – two in Spanish, two in Spanglish. 

When it was first released, "Yo Visto Asi" caused a splash of its own. Bad Bunny partnered with Adidas to launch a collaboration related to the song, according to HypeBeast. The Easter Egg shoes that resulted from his collaboration with the shoemaker feature in the music video for "You Visto Asi" and are currently sold out on the official Adidas website.

Also featured in the "Yo Visto Asi" music video: a lot of celebrities. According to NME, among the famous folks who appear in the clip are Ricky Martin, Sofia Vergara, and Karol G.

The ad is part of the Deja Tu Huella Campaign, which Billboard calls "a new multi-platform initiative designed to rally the next generation to leave their mark in their culture." Frito-Lay also committed to a $500,000 contribution to Bad Bunny's Good Bunny Foundation, which gives back to the Hispanic community.

Surely the tune will become as much of a legendary track as the others released from the album in due time.