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The Flash Director's Latest Instagram Post Has Batman Fans Losing Their Cool

It almost seemed like it would never happen. After years of false starts and different directors coming in, it looks as though "The Flash" movie is about to become a reality. It's all the more exciting considering the film seems poised to introduce the multiverse into the DC Cinematic Universe, explaining why there can be two different Batmen, namely Robert Pattinson and Ben Affleck, who star in separate movies the same year with "The Batman" and "The Flash," respectively.

While the latter film may focus on the Scarlet Speedster, played by Ezra Miller, Affleck's presence might just bring in even more hype. He won't even be the only Dark Knight in the film as Michael Keaton, who played Batman in a pair of movies in 1989 and 1992, comes back to the role that put him on the map. It makes sense considering the film reportedly borrows heavily from the "Flashpoint" comics where Barry Allen travels back in time and creates an alternate reality, one that presumably sees Keaton's Bruce Wayne as the primary Bat-themed superhero.

It's a bold plan for the future of DC movies, and superhero devotees can't seem to wait until one of the most revered stories in comic book history makes it to the big screen. Director Andy Muschietti loves to tease fans about the impending release of his upcoming action flick, and his most recent post on Instagram will inevitably send you into a tizzy.

Keaton's iconic Batman symbol returns

Every actor who portrayed Batman brings a different flair to the character, accompanied by a unique Batmobile and Batsuit. The costumes Keaton wore in "Batman" and "Batman Returns" are some of the most beloved in the character's history, predominantly black with a yellow-themed symbol on the chest. This type of logo hasn't shown up for a while, with the bright yellow typically going against the darker hues that have defined the character. That's why it's such a treat to see the yellow Bat-symbol in all its glory appear on Andy Muschietti's Instagram

What's even more intriguing is the blood splatter across the suit. The main question comes down to who's blood is it, but one thing's definitely clear: This isn't your dad's Batman anymore. Keaton's Batman appears as though he'll get his hands dirty as he most likely attempts to help Barry Allen restore peace to the Speed Force. 

It may be a while until we finally see Keaton in his old costume, but fans have already lost their minds with this image alone. Some of the comments you'll see alongside the image include "Espectacular" and "I'm so excited for this movie, you have no idea!! 2022 can't come fast enough." The picture even caught the attention of Pom Klementieff, who plays Mantis in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She responded with several party popper emojis, showing that it's nothing but love between the MCU and DCEU. 

Andy Muschietti knows how to raise fans' expectations, so keep checking back to his Instagram for more "Flash" updates. They'll likely be pretty standard over the next year.