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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Gordon Ramsay better watch his back. Another high-profile chef runs his own restaurant and has gone on to star in a litany of food-related television series, namely David Chang. He's the founder of a chain of Momofuku restaurants with locations in New York City, Toronto, and Sydney, to name a few. When he's not busy ensuring his guests have the most transcendental eating experiences of their lives, he also stars in a slew of reality series focused on the art of cooking. 

While audiences eagerly anticipate the release of "Ugly Delicious" Season 3, there's another Chang-led show that has yet to receive another renewal order — "Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner." The 2019 Netflix series only consisted of four episodes, but each one highlighted a different cuisine. Chang had plenty of assistance to get down every meal as each episode included a new celebrity, with some of the guest stars being Seth Rogen, Kate McKinnon, and Lena Waithe. 

It certainly comes across as the kind of show Netflix would want more episodes of, but things have been quiet on the show's front since it first aired. Here's what we know so far about "Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner" Season 2.

What's the release date for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Season 2?

Without official confirmation from Netflix that Season 2 is even in the cards, there's presently no release date set for more episodes of "Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner." Considering it's been nearly two years since the first season aired, many of Chang's fans may worry that it's the end of the line, but that's not necessarily the case. 

Chang's a busy man, so it's always possible he wants to wait until some time opens up in his schedule to hang out with more celebrities. After all, Season 1 of "Ugly Delicious" aired in February 2018, while Season 2 premiered over two years later in March 2020. The same release schedule could happen for "Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner." 

Plus, in the event Chang wants to pursue more seasons, there's been a significant setback the last year. The COVID-19 pandemic prevented much of international travel in 2020, and his shows are all about going to different parts of the world to see how other cultures value food. With COVID restrictions gradually scaling back, it's possible he can pursue more of the show if that's something he wants to do.

What guests could stop by for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Season 2?

David Chang remained the one consistent individual on Season 1 of "Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner." If Netflix renews the show, then the assumption is that he would return to try out more delectable dishes from around the globe. However, each episode also sees him pairing up with a different celebrity. The four episodes of the first season brought in Seth Rogen, Chrissy Teigen, Lena Waithe, and Kate McKinnon. 

If a second season comes to fruition, it's safe to say Chang would bring along some of his other famous buddies along for the rides. As to who those celebrities might be, there's no way of speaking with certainty at this point. However, seeing as how Chang had several comedic actors on last season, there's one name that would follow that trend and be a real treat for fans. 

"The Office" star John Krasinski would be a great pick, and both he and Chang have a bit of rapport together. Chang appeared during a virtual potluck session hosted by Krasinski in April 2020. It's purely a shot in the dark, but at least that thought's now out in the universe.

What dishes could be part of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Season 2?

Season 1 of "Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner" sees David Chang and his guests consuming all sorts of delicacies, from dim sum to crawfish. As they travel to various countries, they not only see what the best food offerings are, but they also examine the culture and see how a place's history impacts the cuisine. 

Without a Season 2 order at this point, it's impossible to say where Chang could travel to next. He has the entire planet at his disposal, and there is any number of meals the show could feature. For the time being, Chang has more than enough on his plate to keep him busy. For starters, he and his "Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner" co-star Chrissy Teigen will embark on another food series together. The two will star in "Family Style," coming to Hulu, which aims to remind people that food should unite the world. Stay tuned for a release date on that series when it becomes available.