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Eden Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Netflix's first ONA, or original net animation, "Eden," finally arrived after months of delays towards the end of May 2021, earning a generally positive reception from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show depicts a dystopian future where humanity is a nearly forgotten relic in a world ruled by the machines that outlasted them. Living on the fringes of this futuristic mechanized planet is Sara Grace (Ruby Rose Turner), who was raised by two maintenance droids, A37 (Rosario Dawson) and E92 (David Tennant), who found her as a young girl inside some sort of hibernation pod. 

While the show has an exciting premise, the initial season was limited, even by Netflix's standards, consisting of just four episodes that clock in at under 30 minutes. Considering that the show is a passion project of Justin Leach, an animator with experience on "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," there could be plenty more in the pipeline — depending on what Netflix decides to do. Here is everything we know about "Eden" Season 2's release date, cast, and plot.

When is Eden Season 2's release date?

While Netflix has yet to confirm Season 2 of "Eden," creator Justin Leach has made some comments on social media that should give fans hope. Most significantly, Leach took to Twitter to respond to a fan's request for Season 2, saying, "I'd love to! It's in the fans hands now."

What does Leach mean by this? Many of Netflix's original animated series are highly dependent on the viewership rates they can build on the streaming service. If fans of "Eden" can help the show reach the level of saturation it needs to prove that the audience is there for another batch of episodes, it sounds like Leach is hinting that the opportunity is there. Netflix has a solid track record for renewing original anime projects that connect with viewers, such as "Aggretsuko," "DOTA: Dragon's Blood," and "Hero Mask."

However, even if Season 2 of "Eden" is announced soon, it is improbable that the animation studio behind the production could get episodes ready within the year, so 2022 is the soonest fans could expect to see the next chapter debut.

Who is in the cast of "Eden" Season 2?

Without more details about what the future of the series might entail, it is hard to say who might be added to the voice cast of "Eden" in Season 2. However, considering the effort that Netflix put in to build an ensemble of well-known actors and actresses to appear in Season 1, fans can at least make some guesses on who might be returning.

Assuming that Season 2 sticks with the primary group introduced in the first set of episodes, fans can expect Ruby Rose Turner to once again star as Sara, the orphaned young woman who represents humanity's last hope. Sara's two guardian droids and makeshift family members are E92, played by David Tennant, and A37, voiced by Rosario Dawson.

The last big name attached to the project was Neil Patrick Harris, who appeared as the villainous robot Zero, whose ideal world was purged of any human elements. While Zero did meet a surprisingly heroic end at the conclusion of Season 1, that doesn't necessarily mean the actor couldn't appear as Zero in a modified form in Season 2.

What is the plot of "Eden" Season 2?

In an interview with the Philippine press shared by ClickTheCity, series creator Justin Leach gave some broad strokes that could indicate the future of "Eden." Leach said, "The world is designed [so that we would] be able to tell more stories. For example, there's an Eden 2 that we never talked about, but there's actually a story and there's an event that's happened there so if the fans want more, then we have more stories to tell."

The article mentions that Leach had developed the idea while in college over 20 years ago, meaning that he has taken plenty of time to consider different directions the world of "Eden" could take. He told the press, "If I was able to make a couple of more episodes I probably would have focused a little bit more on Sara and the robots raising her."

While fans may not know precisely where Season 2 will take Sara within the "Eden" universe, it's clear that the series has plenty of more aspects to explore from the past and the future. Hopefully, the show can entice a large enough audience on Netflix that viewers, Leach, and the cast of "Eden" have the opportunity to continue to explore its unique sci-fi world.