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MODOK Season 2 - What We Know So Far

For anyone wanting to see superheroes and villains venture far outside what's possible within the confines of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hulu's "MODOK" is for you. The show may have some familiar faces like Iron Man (Jon Hamm), but the central focus is on a character who has yet to receive a live-action translation — MODOK. Voiced by comedian Patton Oswalt, this is a Marvel villain unlike any that's come before. For starters, he's a family man on top of being a supervillain hellbent on world domination, and even though he wants to rule the planet, he also makes time for his wife and kids. 

"MODOK" may not exist within the confines of the MCU, but there's no reason why it couldn't keep occupying its unique corner of the multiverse. Show creator Jordan Blum even told ComicBook.com that Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, was immensely supportive of the project and seemed to indicate more episodes could come in the future if the demand is there. What can fans expect if "MODOK" Season 2 comes to fruition? Here's what we know at this point.

What's the release date for MODOK Season 2?

All 10 episodes of "MODOK" Season 1 are available on Hulu for Marvel fans to watch. Hopefully, it will be enough to hold you over for a while because, as of this writing, there's no word on when Season 2 may drop. There isn't even confirmation if another season is in the cards, but Jordan Blum suggested audiences should anticipate more of MODOK.

Blum responded to a fan's question regarding Melissa's (Melissa Fumero) sexuality on Twitter, and Blum responded, "Yes, Melissa is bi. Season 1 focuses mostly on her relationship with her dad but Season 2 will introduce her girlfriend. However there are other queer relationships on the show." That statement certainly seems to imply the creative team has ideas for what directions the series could move in the future, and it's just a matter of waiting and seeing. 

In the event "MODOK" does get picked up for more episodes, it would make sense for it to come out roughly a year from the first. The summer or fall of 2022 would be ideal in terms of a release date.

Who's in the cast for MODOK Season 2?

"MODOK" brings together an impressive voice cast to bring its characters to life, and if Season 2 ends up materializing, the assumption would be that all of them come back. That includes the central Tarleton family, which sees Patton Oswalt as the floating head, MODOK. Season 1 focuses heavily on the supervillain dealing with marital problems with his wife, Jodie (Aimee Garcia). The couple has two children together — teenager Melissa (Fumero), who takes after her father in being a giant head in a hover chair, and adolescent son, Lou (Ben Schwartz). He looks normal but comes across as the strangest one in the household. 

If you listen closely, then you're bound to hear some other familiar voices among the cast. Season 2 should also see the return of Monica Rappaccini (Wendi McLendon-Covey), Austin Van Der Sleet (Beck Bennett), Super-Adaptoid (Jon Daly), Gary (Sam Richardson), and Wonder Man (Nathan Fillion). Of course, a second season means the show could go even further with the Marvel Comics references, so even more heroes and villains could end up making an appearance. Perhaps the show will even reveal which Avenger Monica killed.

What's the plot of MODOK Season 2?

Season 1 of "MODOK" ends on a massive cliffhanger. The MODOK we know has traveled throughout various timelines with an alternate version of himself and realizes the only way he can achieve his plans of world domination is if his family dies. We then fast-forward into the future, where MODOK has done what's necessary to rule the world, but he eventually realizes that it doesn't mean anything if he doesn't have the people he loves by his side. He vows to find a way to travel back in time to save his family and start from scratch.

If Season 2 ends up happening, it will most likely pick up where Season 1 left off and see MODOK pursue various methods to go back to that fateful day when his family died. However, it's unlikely the show would sideline popular characters like Jodie, Melissa, and Lou for the entire season. After everything returns to the status quo, there are some other storylines teased we could see come back into the mix. 

For starters, there's Jordan Blum's tweet about how we'll get to meet Melissa's girlfriend in Season 2. Hexus the Living Corporation is still out there with plans for controlling Earth, so perhaps we'll get to see what terrible scheme it has in store this time around. For now, all you can do is rewatch Season 1 of "MODOK" so that Marvel can see there's an audience there for a foul-mouthed, big-headed villain who ultimately wants love and affection.