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Which Avenger Did Monica Kill In Hulu's MODOK?

Loki isn't the only Marvel villain leading a TV series this year.

Not only does MODOK (Patton Oswalt) get a chance to shine as a supervillain and struggling husband on the new Hulu series, but he also gets to do a lot of stuff that would be impossible in the mainstay Marvel Cinematic Universe. MODOK swears like a sailor and gruesomely kills anyone who stands in his path. One other noteworthy change for "MODOK" involves superheroes staying dead, including one who suffered a horrendous fate at the hands of MODOK's power-hungry coworker, Monica Rappaccini (Wendi McLendon-Covey). 

Episode 5 of "MODOK" Season 1 depicts Monica remembering times in her past that made her hate (and somewhat mildly respect) MODOK. The most pivotal involved Monica killing an important Avenger while MODOK takes the credit in front of his underlings. As part of the joke, the characters never explicitly mention which Avenger met their doom, but there's a significant hint to suggest an identity.

Based on the evidence, Monica killed Daredevil

MODOK points out how there's no way Monica could've killed an Avenger if this were a high-profile film franchise because she murdered someone of note. It would've been easy to have her do away with a D-list Marvel hero like Speedball, but the episode goes to great lengths to show this is a superhero with a level of notoriety. As such, the best guess from all of the evidence is that Monica killed Daredevil. 

There's not much information to go off of, but we do see the deceased heroes' skeleton draped with a red costume, including a red mask over the skull. There are quite a few Marvel heroes with red costumes, such as Scarlet Witch and Deadpool, but they don't work for various reasons. The former doesn't wear a mask over her face, while the latter is canonically impossible to kill. It could be the Scarlet Spider, who's a clone of Spider-Man, but outside of that connection, he's not necessarily a character everyone knows. 

That just leaves Daredevil. He's famous for having a red costume, and people who don't even read comic books know about him. More than likely, it's feasible the creators of the show intentionally left the hero's identity secret so that they could have some leeway in the future if they ever want to bring someone in particular (see: Daredevil) into the show's official continuity. It's just a guess, but seeing as how Matt Murdock hasn't shown up in the present day on "MODOK," it's a pretty good one.