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New F9 Clip Reveals One Of The Wildest Action Sequences In The Franchise

In a world of superheroes and adaptations, one franchise has gone beyond what action movies typically accomplish and has dared to ask, "Wouldn't it be cool to drive a car off of a skyscraper?" The "Fast and Furious" series has continued going strong since 2001, upping the ante with each new installment. With that kind of momentum and the fact audiences have waited to see the next movie for a year now since it became delayed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it should come as no surprise there's a ton of hype surrounding "F9," which will finally come out on June 25, 2021. 

Short of launching a vehicle in space, which could very well be in the cards, these movies have to develop new, innovative ways to surprise audiences. It's no longer just a bunch of street racers trying to steal stereos. They're going on high-flying, international escapades that challenge the limits of what the audience thinks is possible with a car. Now that "F9" is only a few short weeks away, we're finally getting the best look yet at what's bound to be one of the most impressive set pieces in the entire movie. 

The clip proves two things. Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) apparently has a degree in physics, and the main characters are effectively immortal at this point.

Dom Toretto does a bit of car swinging in new F9 clip

Rotten Tomatoes has just shared a new clip from "F9" on Twitter, and even though it's less than a minute in length, it pretty much captures everything audiences love about these movies. It starts with explosions geared directly toward Dom and Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez). They find themselves between a rock and a hard place as they approach a cliff with nowhere else to go. In true "Fast and Furious" fashion, Dom engages the boosters while attaching his car to a cable, allowing the vehicle to swing around and land (somewhat) safely on land. And they do it all without wearing seatbelts. 

The scene proves there are still plenty of directions for the series to go as long as you don't care about logic or the human body's fragility. The science doesn't make sense, but that's not the point. It's just supposed to leave your jaw on the floor as you enjoy some of the most mind-bobbling moments ever put to film. 

Fans had a lot to say, as you can see if you scroll underneath the video with comments pouring in like, "Y'all better stop this I'll watch anyway, man that was fire" and "Explosions, car swinging and glass shattering without seatbelts but Dom's shirt is still as white as snow." You also have @edtelleza chiming in with thoughts on where the franchise could go in the future: "Hope this movie is not only about driving fast, crashing cars and looking good. May this time they just open a Car shop and deal with taxes."

You'll want to drive over as safely as possible to the nearest movie theater to check out "F9" when it releases on June 25. Plus, with "F10" and "F11" on the horizon, things will only get bigger and better from here.