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The Boss Baby: Family Business - What We Know So Far

DreamWorks' "The Boss Baby" takes silliness to a new level with its fictional competition between babies and puppies — each vying for the affection of adult humans. The titular Boss Baby, an executive of Baby Corp., uses a formula to give himself the mind of an adult and infiltrates the family of Puppy Co. employees, posing as their infant son. But their 7-year-old son Tim doesn't trust him, so shenanigans and absurd action ensue.

The movie was a smash hit in theaters in 2017, so Netflix quickly made a sequel series titled "The Boss Baby: Back in Business." However, it turned out to be one of the worst Netflix originals of 2018. Despite that, the Baby is coming back for a full sequel movie titled "The Boss Baby: Family Business" — only, he's not a baby anymore. Instead, there's a new Boss Baby in charge.

Here's everything we know about the upcoming animated feature.

When is the release date for The Boss Baby: Family Business?

While the release date of "The Boss Baby: Family Business" has been moved around a few times, from March to September, it's now set for July 2. Following other pandemic-era release models, Universal Pictures is going to have "The Boss Baby: Family Business" premiere in theaters on the same day it becomes available for streaming on Peacock. Subscribers won't have to pay any additional fee to watch it, Variety reported.

Explaining the release date change, Universal's president of domestic distribution, Jim Orr, told Variety, "Families are at the heart of our decision today to make DreamWorks Animation's 'The Boss Baby: Family Business' available to everyone this July Fourth weekend, and to give those families the freedom to choose whether to see this joyful, hilarious and heartfelt film from a big-screen theater seat or from the comfort of their own homes on Peacock." This will be the first simul-release for Peacock.

Who is in the cast of The Boss Baby: Family Business?

"The Boss Baby" features several familiar actors amongst its cast — Jimmy Kimmel plays the father and Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from "Friends") plays the mom. The pair are returning for the sequel, although their roles may be smaller depending on the story. Back as the original Boss Baby, nicknamed Ted, is Alec Baldwin.

One major change to the cast is the actor playing Tim, the 7-year-old brother, who's now grown up in the sequel. Young actor Miles Bakshi originally voiced him, with Tobey Maguire as his adult version. For "The Boss Baby: Family Business," however, he will be played by James Marsden of "Westworld" and "Hairspray."

The newest additions to the cast are Jeff Goldblum as the villain, Dr. Armstrong, and Amy Sedaris as Tina, the new Boss Baby. Alongside them are Eva Longoria as Tim's wife and Ariana Greenblatt — aka Young Gamora — as Tim's daughter Tabitha, the older sister to Tina.

What is the plot of The Boss Baby: Family Business?

The first movie's framing device is Tim — the older brother — telling the story to his daughter, Tabitha; it ends with the reveal that her younger sister Tina is also a Boss Baby. Based on the trailer, we know "The Boss Baby: Family Business" will be set soon after Tina arrives, when the brothers of the original film are all grown up.

Now, Boss Baby — aka Ted — is a successful adult, but there's a rift between him and Tim. Their relationship will be put to the test when Tim's young Boss Baby daughter enlists their help to foil the plan of a man training babies to be terrible. The only catch? They have to de-age themselves to their ages from the first movie in order to stop Dr. Armstrong, but there's a 48-hour time limit and also baby ninjas in their way.

It should be a great deal more ridiculous and absurd than the first, and a delight for kids this summer.