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Gossip Girl Reboot Teaser Trailer Is Breaking The Internet

A reboot of the CW teen drama "Gossip Girl" is currently scheduled to premiere on HBO Max this July. Fans of "Gossip Girl" got their first look at the reboot series in April, when Cosmopolitan published some initial details about the show along with a series of photos of its cast. Now, nearing the end of May, HBO has shared the first teaser trailer for their new "Gossip Girl."

The trailer opens on lead character Zoya Lott (Whitney Peak) exiting an elevator into a party as Kristen Bell, reprising her voiceover role from the original series, slowly begins narrating, "You've gotten so comfortable thinking you're in control of your image, your actions, the narrative. But you forgot one thing: I can see you. And before I'm through, I'll be sure you see me too."

Bell's narration progresses over shots of some of the other partygoers, many of whom are the other members of the series' large ensemble cast. At first they're taking selfies, whispering, or getting close to one another, but slowly they all begin checking their phones. They're presumably all reacting to a post by the new Gossip Girl, revealed in the Cosmopolitan profile to beĀ "something more like an all-encompassing social media platform" instead of a blogger like the original series.

Finally, Bell signs off with the familiar "XOXO" that has always marked the end of a post by its titular character since the series' earliest days.

Fans are gossiping online about the Gossip Girl trailer

Many of the comments replying directly to the trailer on YouTube are positive reactions to the return of Kristen Bell's voiceover. YouTube user monica kim, for example, wrote "omg chills when i heard kristen's voice!" which received over 40 likes. User jay michelle similarly posted that "this looks like a really good teaser trailer and a cherry on top with Kristen and her voice I am very interested to see what in store."

Meanwhile on Twitter, some users are responding purely to the looks of the new "Gossip Girl" cast. Twitter user intheheiqhts, for example, wrote "i will watch the gossip girl reboot for the plot" accompanied by two screenshots of Aki Menzies (Evan Mock) taken from the new trailer. The official "Gossip Girl" Twitter account replied "Take my word for it. The plot thickens."

Meanwhile, in reply to a post by the HBO Max Twitter account that includes a vertical video of the new trailer, user maeghanoutsold said "looks awful i'll be watching." Replies to the tweet indicate that at least a few other viewers feel the same way.

Users on Reddit, by comparison, simply seem excited about the new "Gossip Girl" series. Replies to a post sharing the trailer to the official "Gossip Girl" subreddit include "IT LOOKS SO GOOD OMG" by user victorrriiiaaa123 and "There's so much glamour in this teaser I absolutely love the vibe! I'm so excited about the series!" by user _steppenwolf_.

As announced at the end of its first teaser trailer, "Gossip Girl" in its new incarnation will premiere on HBO Max on July 8.