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The Rare Derby Arcade Game That Rick Had To Check Out On Pawn Stars

The Gold & Silver Shop on "Pawn Stars" has become a Las Vegas attraction as much as the Bellagio Fountains and the Stratosphere. Plenty of people on vacation make the trip to the hock shop, but they shouldn't expect to pop up in an episode. The sales on "Pawn Stars" may be real, but the crew behind the scenes carefully curates everything for the cameras. Everything you see on the show has technically already happened. The workers basically reenact what took place earlier, and that's what you call good, old-fashioned TV magic.

Some things may be fake, but the items the guys look at are all too real. Often, they make good use of the fact they're in Las Vegas and head out into the city to see what people want to sell. For Season 12's "Pawntucky Derby," Rick Harrison and Chumlee had the chance to go to The D Casino to take a look at an old-school gambling machine that's hard to come by these days on the Strip. One of Rick's experts appraised the item at a reasonably high price, but it wasn't high enough for the man selling it. 

Chumlee had fun with the Derby game even if they couldn't reach a deal

You can bet on practically anything in Las Vegas, and if there aren't any actual horse races to bet on, then you can try finding a Sigma Derby horse-racing game. The way the machine works is you insert a quarter, and once everyone has placed their bets, the miniature horses are off to the races. If your horse wins, then you receive a payout. The game may be simple, but the negotiations were the complete opposite. The seller asked for $80,000 for the machine, so naturally, Rick had to call in an expert to see how much he could reasonably get out of it. 

Sadly for the seller, the expert says a working machine would likely only go for between $30,000 and $40,000. That's already half of what the seller wanted, and as anyone who's seen a single episode of "Pawn Stars" can attest, Rick never pays what an item's worth. After all, he has to make a profit for himself. It's too much of a price difference, so Rick doesn't even make an offer. He walks away with Chumlee in tow after he finally manages to win a game.

The machine may be rare, but it takes up a lot of real estate, which automatically narrows the field of customers who would want to buy it. As it stands, you can still play this Sigma Derby game at The D Casino. According to the hotel's website, the machine is still there, and it's the only one of its kind still in a Las Vegas casino. It may have been part of the city's history, but Rick knows when to walk away from the deal. At least the Gold & Silver crew were able to get their hands on a "Terminator"-themed slot machine to make the shop feel like its own little casino.