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How A Dollar Made A Difference For This Terminator Slot Machine On Pawn Stars

When you watch "Pawn Stars," you get to see some interesting characters at The World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Some people tend to get upset when they can't make the deal they were expecting. Others are just happy to be there and take the first offer. Then there's Evan, who brought in a "Terminator" slot machine for Corey and Chumlee to buy. He didn't get upset or complacent with the deal. Instead, he wanted to win the deal, no matter what.

Corey and Chumlee are interested in the slot machine but can't pay as much as the guy initially hopes for, which is $500. The two parties negotiate, but this customer is stubborn and wants to come out on top. Luckily for him, Corey and Chumlee are very interested in this item, so they're willing to make a deal with him that won't get them in trouble with their boss, Rick Harrison.

Check out how a dollar made a difference for this "Terminator" slot machine on "Pawn Stars."

A winner is a winner, no matter by how much

When someone brings in something they want to sell, you'd think they would want to get it off their hands quickly and be done with it. Not Evan. He wants to make sure he can get every dollar he can from this slot machine, which he bought at an online auction. Unlike a traditional slot machine, this one is a skill-stop machine, which requires the player to stop each spinning reel manually.

The best part about this is that it uses tokens rather than quarters. If the machine used currency or was changed back to accept coins, it would be illegal to own it. This puts Corey in a gray area, but he's still interested and offers $300.

Evan tries his luck again and tries for $450, which Corey immediately rejects. Then Evan tries $350, and this gets Corey to bump it up to $325. In an attempt to win the deal, Evan asks for $326, which Corey accepts, because it's only a dollar more. This is probably one of the only times Rick won't get mad at his son for spending a little extra on an item.