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How Many Episodes Of Friends Did Maggie Wheeler Star In?

Oh. My. God!

If you're a "Friends" fanatic, chances are you read that in Janice Hosenstein's iconic voice. Janice, played by the talented Maggie Wheeler, is Chandler's (Matthew Perry) on-again, off-again girlfriend for much of the series. She's known for that signature catchphrase, her nasally laugh, and her complete obliviousness to how irritating she is.

Joey, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel find Janice impossibly annoying, as does Chandler, but his (often hilarious) attempts to break up with her often fail, and Chandler frequently finds himself back with her. Even later in the series, when Chandler and Monica are fully committed as a couple, Janice continues to pop up in their lives. 

Wheeler has had a very successful career outside Friends, appearing in fellow veteran sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond" as well as lending her voice talents to adult animated series "Archer" and appearing as a disgruntled camp counselor in the beloved film "The Parent Trap."  Yet to many audiences, Wheeler will always be best known as the hilarious drama queen Janice. But how many episodes of "Friends" did Maggie Wheeler star in?

Maggie Wheeler is in nearly every season of Friends

Maggie Wheeler can be seen in 19 episodes of "Friends." The character appears in nearly all 10 seasons of the show, with the exception of Season 6, where only her signature voice is head in a mixtape Chandler gives to Monica.

While Janice is best known as Chandler's love interest, she has other connections to the core group. Her presence is often the source of humor, with the gang unable to believe how she just keeps appearing in their lives. Notably, in Season 5, Janice and Ross even begin dating after his wedding to Emily is called off when he famously says Rachel's name at the altar instead.  

Janice is also present during important moments in the gang's life, including sharing a hospital room with Rachel as the two women coincidentally go into labor at the same time, and when Monica and Chandler visit a fertility clinic as they are trying to have a baby. Hilariously, at the end of Season 10, as Monica and Chandler are buying a house in the suburbs, they even discover their potential next-door neighbor is Janice. Horrified, Chandler pretends to still have feelings for her, leading her to leave, as she doesn't want to ruin his marriage.

Janice is one of the most beloved side characters in "Friends," and we love laughing at her crazy antics during our many rewatches of the show.