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This Is What Paula Jones From My 600-Lb Life Has Been Up To

Paula Jones was one the earliest people to share her story on the reality television program "My 600-Lb Life." When she appeared in Season 2, Episode 6, Paula was on a mission to shed significant weight off her 542-lb frame, both for her own sake and for the sake of her four children. At the time, it had only been a year since her husband had passed away due to heart complications related to his weight. Like so many on the show, Paula moved to Texas in order to be closer to the weight-loss clinic run by Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, who would be assisting her through her weight loss journey. Paula was successful in losing enough weight to qualify for gastric bypass surgery, but she suffered a couple of setbacks afterward. Although she had her moments of frustration, Paula pushed forward with the help of a therapist and personal trainer, as well as the support of her family. It's now been seven years since her episode on "My 600-Lb Life", and Paula has found ways to keep her fanbase updated on what she's been up to ever since.

Paula Jones is healthier and happier than ever

Paula is one of the success stories of the TLC show. When she returned for an episode of "My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?" Paula was down to 378 pounds and was living an overall healthier lifestyle. The follow-up episode observed Paula as she lost enough weight to qualify for skin-tightening surgery. Once again Paula persevered, and she qualified for the surgery after reaching 299 on the scale. Against all odds, Paula balanced the care of her children, a full-time job, her diet, and a new house in order to emerge stronger than before.

Completely transformed, Paula now keeps in contact with fans via her Instagram and Facebook page, where she often posts pictures of health-conscious meals, workout selfies, and positive messages. She also uses her platform to bring further awareness to the risks of obesity: She's spoken at health conferences and honors her late husband by raising awareness of the risks of obesity. In 2018, Paula came back to TLC to answer some fan questions, including some about her current relationship with the no-nonsense Dr. Now.

The mother of four has also been blessed with a growing family. She's now a grandmother, and she loves posting pictures of her infant grandsons. There are also hints that the survivor has found love again. A post in 2020 mentioned her new hubby and his distaste for spicy foods, in reference to a meal she had shared.

Since the pandemic, Paula hasn't posted as many updates but reassures readers that she is still working out. "We are doing a lot of family walks," she shared on Facebook, and she encouraged others to be thankful for the extra time with family.