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Here's What Actually Happened To The Ring That Jim Gave Pam On The Office

When you think of iconic TV couples, there are several that are sure to come to mind: Ross and Rachel from "Friends," Lucy and Ricky from "I Love Lucy," David and Patrick from "Schitt's Creek." Among the most beloved couples in TV history is undoubtedly Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly from "The Office," who were portrayed by John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer. The duo captured fans' hearts from the first episode, and we were rooting for them the entire way.

Over the years, we watched as Jim and Pam got together, fought, made up, got married, and eventually had kids. Jim did have some of the worst moments on the show (usually when he acted impulsively without consulting Pam), but overall, he was a devoted husband and father. Years after the end of "The Office," fans continue to gush about the beloved couple and the sweet ways that Krasinksi and Fischer still reminisce about their time on the show together. It turns out that the ring that Jim famously proposed to Pam with is in the possession of one of the lovebirds to this day — a sweet reminder of Jim and Pam's iconic relationship.

Jenna Fischer still has Pam's ring

The Season 5 premiere of "The Office" was broken into two episodes, which ended with Jim finally proposing to Pam. At the time, Pam was attending art school in New York, but Jim couldn't wait any longer to propose. So when the two met at a gas station halfway in between Scranton and New York, he dropped down on one knee in the pouring rain. The romantic moment showed that the most important thing to Jim was ensuring that he let Pam know how much she meant to him.

Years later, in 2017, Fischer tweeted a surprising fact while also dispelling some rumors about the ring itself. "While true that I kept the engagement ring Jim gave to Pam, it was a silver prop ring, not worth $5,000, and I do not wear it in real life," she wrote. More recently, a fan on Instagram again asked Fischer if she "still wear[s] that ring john krasinski gave [her]," to which Fischer replied, "what a terrible rumor! Of course not! I wear the ring that my actual husband of 10 years gave me!" with a laughing emoji.

While it would probably be a bit much if Fischer were still actively wearing her prop ring, we're glad to know that after all these years, the cast of "The Office" still holds onto fond memories from their time on the show.