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The Ending Of Ferry Explained

Contains spoilers for "Ferry"

The 2021 Dutch crime drama "Ferry" recently hit Netflix and is holding on to a top 10 spot on the streaming platform's trending list. "Ferry" is actually a prequel of the Belgian-Dutch crime drama series "Undercover," which is also on Netflix and has received positive reviews. "Ferry" stars Frank Lammers as Ferry Bouman and Elise Schaap as Daniëlle van Marken — and they play the same characters in "Undercover," as well.

"Ferry" follows the drug lord Ferry Bouman's life before he became a notorious kingpin. Living in Amsterdam, Ferry works for a drug lord named Ralph Brink (Huub Stapel), to whom he is fiercely loyal and admires greatly. Life seems to be going well until one day their group is attacked by gunmen, and Brink's son is caught in the crossfires. Brink tasks Ferry with finding the suspects, and he ends up in the trailer park campground that he grew up in. Ferry reunites with his family and meets a charming woman, all while trying to accomplish his mission — but things quickly get tangled. It's an action-packed ride that will leave fans at the edge of their seats, and it culminates in an ending that segues perfectly into the subsequent TV show.

Ferry gives context rather than answers

Though "Ferry" is a prequel, it doesn't quite explain how Ferry came to be involved in the drug life. From the start of the movie, he's already working for Brink in a pretty high-ranking position, and the action starts right away. Rather than explain all of the events in Ferry's background, the movie instead explains his relationship with Daniëlle, and how he came to live at the infamous campground where the events of "Undercover" take place. We do get a brief glimpse at Ferry's childhood and how his abusive father impacted him, but "Ferry" is more of an entertaining look at one point in the titular kingpin's life rather than a deep dive into his origin story.

"Undercover" creator Nico Moolenaar further explained the mission of "Ferry" to Netflix, and the story it aims to tell."We are proud that Netflix is giving us the chance to tell Ferry's background story, how he met Daniëlle and how Ferry ended up on the campsite long before there were any undercover agents snooping around in his life," he said. The choice to only focus on a part of Ferry's backstory for the "Undercover" prequel was an interesting choice and has proven to be wise as "Ferry" remains trending on Netflix.

Ferry is mostly for fans of Undercover

Since "Ferry" doesn't add much new information to the world of "Undercover," it's perfectly enjoyable for fans of the show, as well as those who are just watching it for the standalone story. However, "Ferry" does succeed at expanding on the relationship that fans have come to know and love between Ferry and Daniëlle. Though it's not always clear whether or not they truly love each other in "Undercover" or if their relationship is purely business, "Ferry" gives us another side to the story. Ferry and Daniëlle appear to be truly smitten with each other in their earlier days, which makes fans appreciate their partnership in "Undercover" that much more.

Executive Producer Pieter Van Huyck told Netflix how "Ferry" was an ode to fans as well as the main characters of "Undercover," saying, "The huge success of Undercover in the Netherlands surprised us, but made us truly happy. We are big fans of origin stories of iconic characters. The genre works and it's a fantastic way to add more layers to already intriguing characters."

Ferry ends with a hint at the future

In the final scene of "Ferry," Daniëlle, Ferry, his sister Claudia Zwart-Bouman (Monic Hendrickx), and her husband John Zwart (Raymond Thiry) sit around a table after first meeting. They soon start discussing drugs, first in jest — until Daniëlle brings up an interesting fact that serves as a perfect segue into "Undercover."

Ferry mentions that Daniëlle has great pills, alluding to earlier in the movie when the two of them got high on ecstasy together. He asks Daniëlle if she has any left, to which she replies they were her brother's. Ferry asks if he has more before Daniëlle slyly replies that her brother actually makes the ecstasy himself. The final line of the movie ends with Ferry saying he's going to give Daniëlle's brother a call — which takes us straight to "Undercover." The series opens with Ferry narrating his successful business selling ecstasy, which leads us to assume he and Daniëlle's brother must have gotten into the drug business together. It's a clever ending for an exhilarating film that ties the two projects together seamlessly.