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What Is The Song In The FedEx 'Delivering For Earth' Commercial?

A commercial doesn't always have to be an in-your-face advertisement pressuring you to buy the next hottest item. Sometimes, a commercial can use its airtime to spread positivity and good news, something of which the entire world could use a lot more. FedEx does this with their latest "Delivering for Earth" commercial. It takes a gentle piano song and pairs it with a curious scene, in which gigantic FedEx boxes are found in random parts of the world. At first, the message behind these enormous boxes is unclear, but the music captures your attention.

By the end of the commercial, it's clear FedEx is using this time to announce they are focusing on protecting the earth with a few adjustments. The company plans to invest in more electric vehicles, reusable packaging, and carbon-capture research. All of this will help slow down the global warming effects that shipping can produce. It's a heartwarming commercial that makes the future seem bright, but the song is what holds the commercial together.

So what is the song in the FedEx "Delivering for Earth" commercial?

Willie Nelson sings and acts for this one

You might have already guessed who sings this song, based on the surprise cameo at the end of the commercial. The song is none other than "Always on My Mind" by Willie Nelson. This ballad was released in October 1972 and initially written by Wayne Carson, Johnny Christopher, and Mark James. It took another decade before Nelson would cover the song and win a Grammy for it. Nelson's version also went on to reach No. 1 on Billboard's Top Country Albums.

Whether or not you've heard Nelson's version, you've likely listened to the song itself somewhere before. Since its original release, several artists have covered this song, including Brenda Lee and Elvis Presley on separate recordings in 1972, John Wesley in 1979, and Pet Shop Boys in 1987. While Nelson's version is the only one to win a Grammy Award, Pet Shop Boys' version gained much more attention, reaching No. 1 on 10 different charts across the world. Now, Nelson's version is back and being used to announce the exciting changes FedEx plans to make. On top of the announcement, fans were delighted to see Willie Nelson himself appear at the very end of the commercial, adding a comedic twist to it.