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What Is The Song In The Peloton 'Rise And Shine: Free Classes' Commercial?

When you wake up in the morning, the last thing most people want to do is get on a Peloton and work out. It always feels like a chore to do so, but once it's finished, you know you made the right decision. Peloton wants to change that morning funk with the help of a fun, upbeat song. In their new "Rise and Shine: Free Classes" commercial, a woman is seen getting out of bed while the viewer can hear a jittery piano in the background. It doesn't take long before she is on her Peloton, breaking out in a sweat.

The commercial cuts throughout the woman's day, showing the viewer that she is in it to win it. She is also encouraged by her personal trainers seen on the Peloton bike. While all of this is happening, the song in the background is getting louder, and you can start to hear a female singing, making for busy, yet inspiring music. By the end of the commercial, the jittery piano returns, and all you can think of is getting off the couch and onto a Peloton. 

So what is this energetic song in the Peloton "Rise and Shine: Free Classes" commercial?

Peloton can't Stop This Flame

The song you're hearing is none other than "Stop the Flame" by Celeste, a British singer-songwriter. Americans might find this song appealing because they've never heard it before, while the rest of the world might have heard it once or twice. Last September, this song became the theme for British network Sky Sports' weekend coverage of the Premier League, according to Music News. On top of that, fans might recognize "Stop the Flame" from its appearance on the soundtrack of EA Sports' "FIFA 21" or in Royal Mail TV advertisements.

Whether or not you've heard the song before, you can't deny it fits quite well for this commercial. The first lyrics heard from Celeste in this commercial are "You tell me to stop, but I keep on going," which is the mentality Peloton wants you to have throughout the day. As the day progresses and the woman works out into the night, the song continues to push forward. It may not be the fastest or hardest-hitting song, but it gets the job done and makes the viewer feel like it's not too late to get off the couch and get the day going with some exercise.