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Fans Agree That AHS: Hotel Stood Out The Most Because Of This

Each season of "American Horror Story" offers viewers something that makes it stand out not only from the other seasons of the wildly popular show but also from practically every other program on television. The FX horror anthology series has emerged as a frontrunner when it comes to telling terrifying tales on the small screen, and even though it brings back a lot of the core cast to play various characters in each oh-so-different season, everything else changes, from the show's plot and theme to the visual style and soundtrack.

While every fan of the envelope-pushing show has their personal favorite season, there's something in particular that seems to make "American Horror Story: Hotel," which featured a memorable turn onscreen by Lady Gaga, stand out. Not sure what we're hinting at? Don't worry, because we're here to tell you how some fans think "AHS: Hotel" stands out among the show's various seasons.

Lots of fans think the soundtrack for AHS: Hotel makes the season stand out from the others

The question of which season's music stood out the most to fans was posed in the recent Reddit thread, "Favorite Season Music Wise?" in the r/AmericanHorrorStory subreddit. The OP, hermajestie, preferred the music of "AHS: Asylum," writing, "Both the soundtrack and the score really helped add to the ambiance of the season and make it just a tad scarier as well as period appropriate." But many fans that responded seemed to think the music of AHS: Hotel made the season really stand out.

For instance, Redditor MLGorilla2 said the best music belonged to "Hotel or Asylum" while dvasop wrote, "Hotel and 1984 did a great job with music." While in some instances "Hotel" shared the top spot, or it was a toss-up, some preferred its music outright. Redditor TransparentSal5 wrote, "Hotel is definitely my [favorite]. Tracks such as Valentino definitely make the [soundtrack]." User lls1462 said, "Hotel and my second is Freak Show!" Tartarium Billie Dean Howard added, "Hotel was the [most] unique."

The soundtrack for AHS: Hotel is generally thought of as the best, so far, by fans

As eighty-eightynine notes, the use of '80s music as the backdrop to the modern-day goings-on at Hotel Cortez, rather than in most of the flashbacks to the era in the show, helps create a "sense of lost time" and makes "AHS: Hotel" stand out from the show's other seasons. In fact, PopSugar even talks about how the use of music in "AHS: Hotel" was a game-changer for the show because it played such a prominent role in its storytelling, stating, "Hotel is the first season in which it has been remarkably noticeable."

Some of the most memorable songs of "AHS: Hotel" (per IMDb) are "Hotel California" by the Eagles in the season premiere, "I Wanna Be Adored" by The Stone Roses, "Just Like Honey" by The Jesus and Mary Chain, and "Cuts You Up" by Peter Murphy. Fans can revisit the fifth season's soundtrack on most streaming services to see how the music for "AHS: Hotel" stands out from the other seasons.