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The Dwight Plotline That Has The Office Fans Scratching Their Heads

The story of Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Angela (Angela Kinsey) is a long and convoluted one. In Season 2, we learn that the duo has a secret relationship that no one in the office knows about. Pam (Jenna Fischer) is the first to learn of their coupling, but she keeps it a secret to protect her colleagues. They are never actually revealed to be an item at Dunder Mifflin until Phyllis (Phyllis Smith) reveals that Angela is cheating on her fiancé, Andy (Ed Helms) in Season 5, with Dwight.

The two men part ways with Angela, leaving her a single woman. She finds love again in Senator Robert Lipton (Jack Coleman), but he ends up cheating on her with Oscar (Oscar Nunez). Naturally, as an adulterer will do, she cheats yet again with Dwight, which causes confusion in the parentage of her baby, Phillip. Angela tells Dwight that he isn't the father, but he doesn't believe her, so he takes it upon himself to perform a secret DNA test. The outcome of that test was negative, but in Season 9, Angela reveals that Dwight really was the father. How?

Why did the DNA test say Dwight wasn't the father?

This plot-hole of a storyline has bothered fans for years, but some of them have found a way around it. In Season 8, Episode 24 ("Free Family Portrait Studio"), the families of the Dunder Mifflin employees come to the office to have their photos taken, and Angela brings her son. Dwight gets a sample of baby Phillip's DNA by stealing what he thinks is a trashed diaper of his. 

Dwight might have stolen a soiled diaper, but it doesn't mean it belonged to Phillip. Jim and Pam's son Philip — with one 'L' — is also in attendance that day, and many viewers feel that it was his diaper that Dwight took. It could also have been Cece Halpert's, or possibly even Creed's (Creed Bratton), as some fans have joked. This would explain the negative result on the DNA test, which was unfortunately never explained by the show's writers. Viewers were left to trust Angela's word that Dwight is the birth father, and the duo lives happily ever after. This theory will have to suffice for those wondering about that DNA test all these years later.