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Watch The Opening Scene Of Spiral: From The Book Of Saw

"Spiral: From the Book of Saw" promises to deliver a violent new chapter in the enduring horror franchise as Chris Rock's Detective Banks tries to stop a copycat killer from slaughtering police officers using savage traps which look all-too-familiar. And now the opening scene has been revealed by Lionsgate just to get fans all the more excited ahead of the film's release.

In a time when audiences have desperately missed the theatrical experience, "Spiral" seems like the type of film which will easily draw horror fans back to see all the carnage unfold on the big screen. The excitement grew even further when the first trailer for the film arrived back in March, revealing that this new mystery is somehow tied to Banks' personal life and his fraught relationship with his father – who's played none other than Samuel L. Jackson.

And although the opening scene from the film gives fans a look at how "Spiral" gets going, it only leaves us with even more questions about who's behind all this and what their connection is to the original Jigsaw killings.

Is the new killer a woman?

The footage introduces us to Detective Boswick (Dan Petronijevic) who's stealthily searching a subway tunnel for something or someone. Unfortunately, the copycat killer is hiding in the shadows – drugging him and placing him in the path of an oncoming train with his tongue trapped in a vice. But in keeping with the franchise's classic torturous dilemma: he can leap off the stool to save his life from the train but would rip his own tongue out. Ouch.

The short scene gives us a few clues as to who the killer might be. Firstly, they're wearing a grotesque pig mask, not unlike the ones we've seen worn by John Kramer and Amanda Young in previous "Saw" films. And when Boswick wakes up on the stool, a video of the same mask-wearing individual says his constant lies on the witness stand has led to innocent people being imprisoned for crimes they didn't commit. This is clearly someone who knows the inner workings of whichever office Boswick is assigned, his cases, and their outcomes. 

Is it possible that Marisol Nichols' Captain Angie Garza could be the killer? Given her rank, she'll be in a perfect position to know everything about Boswick's cases, and if she's got a disliking for corruption in her office, who knows, maybe she's taken things into her own hands. And not to be too judgemental, but the killer's voice also has a slightly higher-pitched tone on the tape. However, a quick look at the "Spiral" cast list (via IMDb) also reveals that Zoie Palmer is playing a woman named Kara Boswick, presumably related to the detective somehow – but little else is known about her role. Luckily there's not long to wait until we can find out for ourselves.