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Spiral Director Wants To Take On This Horror Franchise Next

The "Saw" series has been one of the most enduring horror franchises of the last two decades, as the serial killer John Kramer, AKA Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) — or, more often, one of his acolytes –  forces victims to prove they want to make their lives worth living by making a bloody sacrifice. Each installment always brought in a big theatrical audience, and now, fans are excited to return to the series' grimy world in a new chapter: "Spiral: From the Book of Saw."

One of the things that draws many horror fans into the "Saw" franchise is the fact that there isn't a supernatural threat. Jigsaw isn't a poltergeist or an undead monster looking for blood, but an angry man who wanted the world to pay for its crimes — and also one depicted as genuinely believing that people's outlook on life could be vastly changed if they were forced through a painful crucible... or an industrial sized shredder, or a pit of needles. You get the idea. Although Tobin Bell's John Kramer won't return for "Spiral," seeing as he died all the way back in "Saw III," the new film will introduce fans to a vicious new copycat killer who is taunting Chris Rock's Detective Banks with a spree of horrific murders.

But ahead of the theatrical release of "Spiral," director Darren Lynn Bousman recently revealed that there's a very specific horror series that he'd love to take a crack at for modern audiences... and let's just say it gets a little more mythical than the world of "Saw."

Fun horror is Bousman's favorite subgenre

"Spiral" might lean on the franchise's iconic penchant for savage traps and mechanical methods of murder, but Darren Lynn Bousman wants to take on a slightly more fun horror franchise: "Leprechaun." Oh yes, that's right, the Warwick Davis series, which follows the gleefully murderous rampage of a leprechaun who's trying to get his gold back — and who'll cut, stab, bite, chew, and decapitate anyone who gets in his way. 

When speaking to ComicBook.com about what else he'd like to direct after "Spiral," Bousman explained how long he's been begging to take on this iconic horror character. "The Leprechaun movie, don't ask stupid questions," he said. "It's always the Leprechaun movie, and I'm gonna take this chance, because I know Lionsgate is listening in that room over there, give me the f—ing Leprechaun franchise. I mean, seriously, I've been asking for 15 years."

The director also explained why he loves the bizarre comedy-horror so much, revealing that those types of movies give audiences a riotous experience in theaters. Since each "Saw" movie has prided itself on being something of a gory event movie over the years, it would definitely be interesting to see what Bousman would do with the "Leprechaun" series.

"I'm not even joking you, I just love ... my favorite subgenre of horror is fun horror movies, that are just fun and you smile and you high-five in theaters. There are moments of that in 'Spiral' that are fun, with the Forrest Gump [discussion], but the 'Leprechaun' movie, to me, is the epitome of a fun moviegoing experience. It's ridiculous, it's over the top, it's gory, it's violent, give that to me. What else are you gonna do with it?"

Leprechaun vs. Jigsaw, anybody?