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How Much Rick Actually Paid For A Steve McQueen Car On Pawn Stars

When it comes to business on "Pawn Stars," owner Rick Harrison usually keeps his cool with most items and will attempt hard bargains to get the best price. Then there are the few moments when Rick wants an item so badly he doesn't think twice about the offer he makes. This is especially the case when it comes to a famous Hollywood actor Rick really admires. So when a man offered to sell Rick a car owned by Steve McQueen, Rick had to have it, especially after not making a deal on the last Steve Mcqueen memorabilia he was offered.

Rick, a huge Steve McQueen fan, brings his son Corey with him to take a look at a 1951 Chevrolet Styline Deluxe Convertible, and it's in excellent condition. Like always, Rick brings in an expert to figure out how much it's really worth, but deep down, it's evident Rick wants to own this car.

Here's how much Rick actually paid for a Steve McQueen car on "Pawn Stars."

Not much negotiation on this deal

This isn't just any car owned by Steve McQueen, who owned a vast collection of classic motorcycles and exotic cars. This was the last car Steve McQueen bought in 1979 before his tragic death by cancer. The Indiana actor purchased the car after filming "The Hunter," his last movie. All of this forced Rick into a state of infatuation with the car, so he called in his car expert Danny "The Count" Koker, who is also the star of the "Pawn Stars" spin-off show "Counting Cars."

Both Rick and Danny are more than excited to take this car for a test drive, which turns into a hilarious battle for who gets to drive it first. Since Danny is the car expert, Rick begrudgingly allows him to drive it first. Once everything is checked out, and Danny gets a good look at everything, he determines the car itself is worth around $30,000, not factoring in the Steve McQueen ownership. The original owner is asking for $40,000, to which Rick asks if he could buy it for $5,000 less. Despite being adamant about his asking price, the owner asks if Rick can at least go a few thousand higher. Corey suggests $37,000, and the owner accepts. It's very rare for it to take only one volley of negotiations before Rick settles on a price, but it's clear this is one item he had to get his hands on.