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The Real Reason You Won't See The Original Dexter Cast In Season 9

Excitement is building for the upcoming "Dexter" Season 9, although fans looking forward to seeing some familiar faces from the show's original run might be in for an unhappy surprise.

So far, the only cast member confirmed to return — for what Deadline described as a limited run series reboot of "Dexter" — is Michael C. Hall, who will once again play the lead role of Dexter Morgan. The new season will last for 10 episodes, that will presumably follow the principled serial killer and forensic technician beyond his faked death at the end of the show's initial run. Beyond Hall, the only other individual known to be returning for Season 9 is Clyde Phillips, who acted as showrunner during the first four seasons. 

"Dexter" fans who are curious about the show's return have remained hopeful that some of their favorite characters might make a surprise appearance. However, a recent video posted to Instagram featuring James Remar, who portrayed Harry Morgan, Dexter's adoptive father, indicates that this is not the case. Here is the real reason you won't see the original cast of "Dexter" in Season 9.

James Remar says the original cast was never contacted to return in Season 9

Remar recorded the Instagram video in question in response to a fan who asked if he would return to Dexter Season 9 as Harry Morgan. The actor said, "You know, I will not be back as Harry Morgan on "Dexter" Season 9. "

Remar went on to say that Harry was one of the best roles he had ever played on a TV show before explaining, "You know pal, um, they just didn't ask any of the original cast back. So I don't know what they're doing. I really have no idea. It's too bad because all of us wanted to go back."

In the show's final season, Dexter started a new life in Oregon after sending his son Harrison with former love interest Hannah to Argentina, and faking his death by destroying his boat. If no other cast members are returning, then perhaps the new season will focus on Dexter's new life on the West Coast, where he will be joined by a star from "The Mandolorian," Julia Jones, as he deals with Season 9's new villain, Mayor Kurt Caldwell, who will be played by Clancy Brown.