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Resident Alien Season 2 - What We Know So Far

"Resident Alien" has garnered plenty of buzz since its release. Based on the Dark Horse comic series by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse, the series follows an in-disguise alien (played by Alan Tudyk) as he tries to navigate life on Earth in an effort to sneakily put an end to the human race. Tasked with such a massive universe-altering mission, the eponymous resident alien assumes the identity of Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle and assimilates himself into a small-town community. However, the incognito visitor from beyond the stars also gets roped into a murder mystery, which leads to his priorities getting all mixed up. He even begins to ponder whether or not humanity is worth saving. That's the age-old question that must be answered.

"Resident Alien" has been praised for its offbeat comedy and engaging story, while Tudyk's performance really caught the eye of critics. According to Rotten Tomatoes, which gave the series a 93% fresh score, the show "finds fresh humor in a familiar framework," and noted that it's the perfect showcase for the lead actor's comedic skill set. With that in mind, "Resident Alien" fans will be thrilled to know that their new favorite sci-fi comedy will return for a second season.

Updated October 22, 2021: This article has been updated to reflect new information released in a Season 2 featurette on October 9.

When will Resident Alien Season 2 be released?

According to Variety, the second season of "Resident Alien" was greenlit after the first series reached an estimated 9.3 million viewers across all platforms. When viewers will actually get to see new episodes remains to be seen, though. However, previous television trends and the power of estimated guessing might provide some clarity on the matter.

As Hidden Remote pointed out, Syfy tends to wait a year between airing new seasons of their shows. Should the network continue with that approach, viewers can expect to see Season 2 of "Resident Alien" on the small screen in January of next year. Of course, this is assuming that everything goes according to plan, and external factors — like global pandemics — don't delay the production process. 

The first season experienced some hiccups along the way due to factors beyond everyone's control. In an interview with the Vancouver Island Free Daily, show creator Chris Sheridan noted that the cast and crew found Season 1 frustrating to shoot due to the state of the world in recent times. Fortunately, per a recent photo tweeted out by Sara Tomko, it appears that the team is back in production as of August 4, which means the next season is likely full steam ahead.

Who's in the cast of Resident Alien Season 2?

First and foremost, Alan Tudyk will reprise his role as the extra-terrestrial invader in "Resident Alien" Season 2. His character still has a mission to complete, as it's going to take more than 10 episodes for him to resolve his growing list of predicaments. Speaking to Cinemablend, Tudyk revealed that he felt "relief" after learning that he'd be returning for another outing.

Most of the main cast from Season 2, including Sara Tomko, Corey Reynolds, Alice Wetterlund, Levi Fiehler, and Judah Prehn, are also likely to return in Season 2. The townsfolk all survived the events of the Season 1 finale, so there's no reason to believe that they're going anywhere. Lieutenant David Logan (Alex Barima) and his former partner Lisa Casper (Mandell Maughan) also ended the first part on an intriguing note, and they'll undoubtedly have an important role to play moving forward. That being said, it remains to be seen which guest stars will show their faces in "Resident Alien" down the line. Given that Nathan Fillion, Terry O'Quinn, and Linda Hamilton have already made appearances, it's possible that more beloved cult actors could lend their talents to upcoming episodes. 

What to expect in Resident Alien Season 2

The first series of "Resident Alien" ended with more questions than answers, so expect Season 2 to be full-throttle. The finale saw Harry spare humanity and flee the planet on his ship, unaware that young Max Hawthorne is hiding in his spacecraft. Now that Harry has developed a fondness for the humans he set out to destroy, he's unlikely to kidnap the child. Besides, it's highly likely that Harry has upset the overlords on his home planet for failing to complete his destructive mission. Will he be exiled? 

Elsewhere, there are more questions to be answered regarding the murder of Dr. Sam Hodges. It turns out that he was offed by the real version of Harry, and the fallout of that situation will need to be addressed. The first season was about finding out who killed Sam. Part two will be about learning the real reason behind it. A fan-favorite character could also make his comeback in "Resident Alien" Season 2. While chatting to Den of Geek, Chris Sheridan confirmed that there are more plans for the Alien Hunter. "There's more to be done with that character," Sheridan noted, before adding that they need to come up with a "scenario" that makes sense for the character's return.

A recent featurette provided courtesy of Syfy, confirms much of the speculation surrounding Season 2, and even offers a sneak peek at a whole bunch of new aliens coming to town. Check it out to whet your whistle, while we wait for a confirmed Season 2 release date.