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The Unique Telephone That Fetched Hundreds Of Dollars On Pawn Stars

"Old Man" Richard Harrison was a seemingly endless source of information during his time on "Pawn Stars." Before his passing, he served in the Navy and opened the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, where all kinds of items made their way into the shop. Whereas Rick and Corey would occasionally stumble, "Old Man" often knew exactly what he was looking at, and when he didn't, he wasn't afraid to call in some help from some of the store's trusted experts

However, in the Season 6 episode, "Like a Rock," he knew exactly what he had in front of him when a seller came in with an old-school Navy Admiral Phone. Having served in the Navy himself, it made for a nice throwback item, and he was able to speak as an authority on the phone since he had seen variations of it during his own time in the military. But as anyone who's seen a single episode of "Pawn Stars" with the old man can attest, he's not exactly the type to get sentimental, and he didn't pull any punches in the ensuing negotiation.  

The seller wanted $3,000 for the phone, but 'Old Man' had other plans

Before getting down to brass tacks, "Old Man" offers a little bit of history (the channel is called "History" after all) about the piece. Basically, the admiral of a Navy ship would use it when orders needed to be sent to everyone. Various buttons on the item allow the admiral to communicate with different sections, and as the seller points out, there is indeed one button that would allow the admiral to issue orders to nuke an enemy ship if the situation called for it. 

When it comes time to talk cash, the seller asks for $3,000. "Old Man" seems to know exactly how much this kind of item is worth and counters with a significant drop to $500. As expected, the seller tries to wheel and deal, even if it means getting an extra $100 for it, but whereas Rick, Corey, and Chumlee tend to offer at least a little give and take, "Old Man" was a beast when it came to the art of negotiation. He remains steadfast at $500, and the seller eventually relents. 

Navy phones from the 1930s are hard to come by online, but we're assuming "Old Man" figured he could probably get around $1,500 for it. With a ton of military enthusiasts out there, it shouldn't take long to sell... provided the "Old Man" actually wanted to part with it. Later in the episode, we see him trying to install the phone on the desk. He doesn't have much luck, which might be a good thing. Seeing as how often Chumlee would get on his nerves, he'd probably be pressing that "Nuke" button all the time.