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The Queen Of Flow Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Colombia's most popular telenovela, "La Reina Del Flow," or the "The Queen of Flow," as international viewers might know it, has a second season airing on Caracol Televisión and is likely headed back to Netflix soon.

"The Queen of Flow" debuted on Caracol Televisión in June 2018 and ran for 82 episodes through October of the same year. The show was a hit in its home country and achieved international success when it became the first Columbian production to win an international Emmy for Best Soap Opera, according to the LatinAmerican Post. It found a massive audience when it was rebroadcast in almost 80 different countries during its initial run and found even more fans after Netflix began streaming the show on their platform.

After such a successful first season, Caracol Televisión announced a follow-up almost immediately on Instagram, but the coronavirus pandemic delayed its filming. However, everything is back on track, and fans can get ready for another lengthy season of the reggaetón-inspired drama. Here is everything we know about the upcoming release date, cast, and plot of "The Queen of Flow."

What is the release date for The Queen of Flow Season 2?

Anyone who was worried about the future of "The Queen of Flow" Season 2 after the long production delays can rest easy, as not only has filming resumed, but episodes are already airing on Caracol Televisión.

According to CaracolTV, the first episode of the second season of "The Queen of Flow" aired on April 26, 2021. While it is unknown when the show will be cleared to stream on Netflix, viewers can look at the broadcast history of the series to get an idea of when they will be able to catch up with Yeimy Montoya (Carolina Ramírez) and the rest of their favorite soap opera stars.

The first season of "The Queen of Flow" premiered on June 12, 2018 and aired about five episodes per week until it ended four months later on October 9, according to IMDb. The show then became available for streaming on Netflix just a month after that, on November 9, according to What's New On Netflix. If "The Queen of Flow" follows a similar pattern, viewers may see new episodes arrive on the streaming service as soon as September, but fans will still have to wait until the current season concludes before they will know for sure.

Who is in the cast of The Queen of Flow Season 2?

Fans of "The Queen of Flow" can expect at least two of their favorite stars to return to the show in Season 2, with Carolina Ramírez playing Yeimy Montoya and Carlos Torres appearing as the disgraced Charly Flow.

Beyond those principal characters, it can be a little difficult to speculate which cast members will be returning, although it is a fair guess that Andrés Sandoval will return as Juancho, Yeimy's longtime admirer. Mabel Moreno could also return as Charly Flow's former wife Gema, but the dissolution of their marriage in Season 1 may mean that she has departed from the show.

The Señal News notes that "A new enemy that knows (Yeimy) well appears and stalks her." It could be possible that this new enemy is affiliated with Manín, the drug lord played by Lucho Velasco, who engineered Yeimy's prison sentence. However, none of this has been officially confirmed at this point.

What is the plot of The Queen of Flow Season 2?

The first season of "The Queen of Flow" told the story of a talented young reggaetón performer, Yeimy, who enacts an elaborate plan of revenge against the star who betrayed her early in life, Charly Flow. Yeimy returns from the prison sentence in the United States caused by Charly Flow's actions as Tammy Andrade, a successful music producer in the employ of the DEA. She successfully exacts her revenge on Charly Flow and reclaims her life.

While Caracol Televisión has been careful not to spoil the story it has sketched out for fans in the second season, it has dropped some clues as to what fans can expect. According to the Señal News, Yeimy will confront new challenges that threaten her family, including a new foe who will stalk her. In addition, the Señal News writes, "Her world, and the world of everyone she loves, staggers, while Charly Flow, from the shadows, tries to get his freedom back."

So while it's hard to say exactly where "The Queen of Flow" will go over its potential 80 plus episodes in Season 2, fans should rest assured that their favorite characters will have plenty of drama to explore.