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Exclusive Clip: Ivy Buys A Double-Door Locker In New Storage Wars Episode

"Storage Wars" Season 13 is in full swing, gearing up to premiere its fifth and sixth episodes (entitled "Let My Lockers Go" and "Queen-baya!") on A&E tonight — Tuesday, May 4. Ahead of the double-episode drop, Looper is thrilled to share an exclusive "Storage Wars" sneak peek. 

In the clip, Dan and Laura Dotson are leading the auction for a double-door storage locker. The bidders take a peek inside the super-sized unit, spotting everything from a giant flat-screen television and Barbie playhouses to a child-size yellow Volkswagen Beetle and various colorful toys to pressure washers, heavy-duty boxes, painting supplies, SKILSAW tools, and even a "big ol' pot" to "make gumbo" in. 

Brandi Passante decides the unit isn't for her, so she doesn't participate in the auction — but Kenny Crossley, Ivy Calvin, and some other non-"Storage Wars" folks do. In the end, Ivy's bid of $1,650 sees him win the double-door locker. Luckily for Ivy, he has the perfect person to help him sort through the contents of the massive storage locker he just won: his son.

Will Ivy repeat history and strike gold?

Though the teaser clip doesn't offer any hints as to the true value of Ivy Calvin's newest buy, there's every reason to believe he'll turn a sizable profit. In seasons past, the "Storage Wars" veteran has found himself in possession of a ghost-hunting book worth hundreds of dollars, a mini-camper that he sold for twice the amount he paid for the entire locker it was in, a snow cone machine estimated to be worth $1,500, a digraph stencil cutting machine that he could sell for $1,600, and so much more. Hey, there's a reason he considers himself the king of Palmdale!

With a locker as big as the one Ivy buys in the newest episode of "Storage Wars" combined with the relatively low price he paid for it, all signs point to Ivy earning a couple thousand dollars when everything's said and done. Exactly how much money he'll pocket is a mystery that fans will get to unravel by tuning into the all-new "Storage Wars" Season 13 episodes tonight, May 4, at 9 PM ET on A&E.