Ivy Calvin's Most Bizarre Storage Wars Find Ever

From 2013 to 2017, self-proclaimed King of Palmdale Ivy Calvin won over the hearts and minds of Storage Wars viewers with his charming demeanor and professional know-how. Thanks in part to his contributions, the show was a smash — more specifically, for one episode at least, a graveyard smash.

It was the sixteenth episode of the fifth season of A&E's hoarder power fantasy, and Calvin had purchased the contents of a storage unit, as was his wont. The total cost was $125. Inside, he found the usual assortment of whatnots: Rusty guitars, a blown-out tire, several containers full of sex toys. It seemed like just another weekday, really.

Then, towards the back of the room, he spotted a decidedly creepy wooden box. One talking head cutaway later ("Oh, please don't be sex toys"), Ivy opened the small chest to find — drumroll — "Something to measure something with." It was a collection of electronic equipment including a handheld video camera, a voice recorder, and some enigmatic looking implements. At the bottom of the box, Calvin found a copy of The Everything Ghost Hunting Book. He'd stumbled onto an honest-to-goodness paranormal investigation starter kit.

Storage Wars offers a haunting on basic cable

After making his discovery, Ivy set out to find someone who knew about ghost hunting, hoping to get a read on the collection's value and, in his own words, "Find (his) great great grandfather. Say 'What's up, dude?'"

From there, he headed to Ontaria, California's Graber Olive House to meet up with two purported experts, Scott Ault and Marco Santucci of Darklands Paranormal. The century-old grounds were reportedly a hotspot for ghostly activities, so the trio went for a jaunt to test out Ivy's newfound stash of specter spotters. A few minutes of requisite green monochrome night vision footage later, the world still didn't have definitive proof of otherworldly spirits or a life after this one, and Ivy still hadn't bro-nodded at his ancestors. What he did get, though, was a ballpark figure — he could expect to sell the stash for between $500 and $600.

Also, there was an air horn in the storage compartment. It didn't really get any play in the episode, but man, air horns sure are great.