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What Reddit Fans Want To See From An AHS Season Based In Alaska

"American Horror Story" fans are nothing if not passionate, as proven by Ryan Murphy's attempt at determining the subject matter of the show's next season by running a Twitter poll that resulted in a swap in finalists due to high demand from fans (according to Screen Rant). It's not surprising that there are horror devotees who want the show to do new, inventive things with the horror genre – or, in some cases, for them to just stop setting seasons in California (via Reddit). 

A surprising location many Reddit-based "AHS" fans want to see a season set? The frozen, barren, isolated tundras of Alaska. Users on the "American Horror Story" Subreddit have a wide variety of different things they'd like to see in such a season – and they're not sirens, plague victims, Bloody Mary, or any of the other creatures from Murphy's poll. Here's a look at some of the things they'd include in such a season.

Serial killers, abandoned buildings, and evil animals all rank high for fans of the show

Unsurprisingly, when Reddit fans think of Alaska and "AHS," they think of isolation – specifically, of the creepy, losing-your-mind-from-loneliness sort. They also think of vampires, abandoned buildings, attacking wildlife, and other assorted nasty things that go bump in the night. Serial killers which have populated the area also came up in the discussion as possible fodder.

"It could work for isolating the characters. Maybe either a cryptozoology type story or a human horror with the stress and tension ramped up," said Reddit user Park1401. The show's use of claustrophobia and eerie creatures in previous seasons would set a precedent here. "Ooo...ya! A 30 days of night type situ [sic] would work great," suggested Reddit user KID_NME, referencing the 2007 vampire movie set in Alaska.

A deleted user posted an itemized list of things that the show might do, from "Lots of abandoned buildings" to "Diversity of location. You could do the arctic, coastal, interior, etc." Bringing up Alaska's high violent crime rate (which, according to a 2019 report by Anchorage Daily News, reached a five-year high in 2018), they added that the show could conceivably be about murder and mayhem. The spooky notion of wild animals murdering indiscriminately is enough to make anyone's blood curdle.

User noozer, meanwhile, suggested that the season take place on a fishing boat. Isolated trawlers in the icy ocean – your spine is tingling now, isn't it? Spooky haunted buildings, deadly deer, serial killers – sounds like "AHS" catnip.