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The Weird Release Lindsay Lohan And Charlie Sheen Had To Sign For Scary Movie 5

It's safe to say that Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen have seen their fair share of legal paperwork. Sometime after "Mean Girls", Lindsay Lohan's behavior became so notorious that studio networks refused to cast her, citing her as uninsurable (via Today). Similarly, Charlie Sheen's hard-partying days were also well documented. The former "Two and a Half Men" star hit it big in the '80s, long before Lohan had ever booked her first role. For comparison, Charlie Sheen broke out with his performance in 1986's "Platoon" when he was 21 and Lohan was still in utero.

The infamous celebrities seemed to be a perfect pair when they were cast (as themselves) in "Scary Movie 5," parodying couples from the "Paranormal Activity" franchise. While it could be assumed that their wild pasts would have forged a bond between the two, it was reported the stars both had to sign an atypical release that took their histories into consideration.

Don't be so sore about it!

On-screen, the stars poked fun at their past mistakes, but when it came down to brass tax, neither Lohan nor the legal department took any chances. Sources close to Lindsay Lohan told TMZ that Lohan refused to have any kissing scenes with Charlie Sheen in "Scary Movie 5." The two appeared in bed together, and had the writers stuck to the original script, would have shared more than one kiss on-screen. Instead, they wrote out any kissing scenes and used body doubles when that wasn't possible.

Perhaps Lohan added the clause when she saw the contracts, which included having to sign a release confirming neither star had cold sores at the time of filming. Apparently, the request didn't phase Sheen because TMZ reports that according to unnamed sources, he grew to be close friends with Lohan during their time on set.

Turns out emphasis on cold sores isn't exactly rare in the industry. Based on hacked emails exposed by Wikileaks in 2015, RadarOnline reported that Sony Pictures had a number of actors detail their herpes-simplex status in a "Cold Sore Questionnaire" while filming.