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The Jim Theory That Changes Everything On The Office

Die-hard fans of "The Office" will cringe at the thought of Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) doing anything to hurt Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer). The couple is easily one of the highlights of this series, and fans just can't get enough of them, especially in the later seasons. Jim and Pam go through typical couple problems, such as having to date long-distance when Pam moved to New York, but they always figure it out together.

Well, one Reddit user has come up with a fan theory that will make you think twice about Jim and his relationship with Pam. Like most fan theories, it's a bit of a stretch, but when you think about it, it's entirely possible. If this were to be true, the entire dynamic of Jim and Pam's relationship would have turned out differently, and fans wouldn't be so gung-ho for Jim.

Check out this Jim theory that changes everything on "The Office."

Jim knows where the cameras are at all times

What if we told you everything you knew about Jim and Pam's relationship was a lie, and Jim is, in fact, a manipulating character who knows his surroundings a little too well? Reddit user Sarlax came up with a theory that has some fans reconsidering the purity of Jim and Pam's relationship.

In the post, he argues that Jim cheated on Pam with Cathy Simms, Pam's temporary replacement in Season 8. There's one episode, in particular, that should be focused on — "After Hours," where Jim and Cathy are in Florida working together on the Sabre store launch. Cathy wants to be more than just friends in this episode, especially when she pretends her hotel heater broke and asks Jim if she can hang out with him to avoid the cold weather. At one point, Cathy removes her robe and waits for Jim in the bed. Jim stands firm and avoids the temptation by calling Dwight (Rainn Wilson) about potential bed bugs in his room. Even before this scene, Stanley (Leslie David Baker) tries to convince Jim into having an affair. Is it possible Stanley got in his head a little bit?

The idea is that Jim did have the affair, and he acted the way he did because it would portray him as innocent. Since he knew the cameras were in the room with him, he had to do whatever he could to avoid getting caught when the cameras aren't rolling. The two of them may have come up with that plan, but Cathy just chose the wrong time to execute it.

The signs before and after the episode

This would have served as a massive deal-breaker for Pam, who also had an opportunity to cheat when she was in New York. If the theory holds, however, there could be evidence around that episode. In Season 9, Pam confesses to the film crew that their lives have become bland and won't change, eventually leading to Jim moving to Philadelphia to start his own company (or live the bachelor life). Was this a ploy to distract fans from what's going on, with Jim taking a break from things because the truth came out?

Even before the notorious hotel scene, Jim and Pam have issues of their own and go to marriage counseling in "Truth Be Told" to show how much they appreciate each other. Perhaps this was necessary because Pam felt Jim was pulling away from her. Jim then goes to Florida and gets the affair out of his system, before returning to Pam and settling down with her.

Fans pray to "The Office" heavens that this isn't true because Jim and Pam simply are relationship goals on camera. Either way, we're happy the two worked things out and moved to Texas after the events of the series finale.