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Here's What Ken Marino Has Been Up To Since Wet Hot American Summer

"Wet Hot American Summer" changed the game for comedy. The movie bombed in its theatrical release, but gained a cult following on DVD. It helped launch the careers of Bradley Cooper and Elizabeth Banks, relaunched Paul Rudd as a comedic genius, and served as a waypoint for many former members of The State. The State consisted of 10 dudes (among them "Brooklyn 99" star Joe Lo Truglio and "Night at the Museum" writers Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon) and Kerri Kenney-Silver. The comedy troupe had a show on MTV that would lead to the troupe's members finding roles on comedy hits like "Viva Variety," "Stella," and "Reno 911!"

One former State member, Ken Marino, has kept working steadily ever since his "Wet Hot" turn as the lovesick Victor Pulak. Marino has not only kept in touch with all his fellow State alums, he's found plenty of success all on his own. Here's what Ken Marino has been up to since "Wet Hot American Summer."

Marino played a hot prof on Dawson's Creek

Ken Marino briefly guested in Season 5 of "Dawson's Creek" playing English professor David Wilder. Wilder is the crush object of half of the student population of Worthington University. This echoed some of Marino's work on "The State," where he was often cast in hunk roles. Joey (Katie Holmes) takes Wilder's class and struggles in it. She tries to drop out, but Wilder senses her potential as a writer and urges her to continue. Wilder breaks his previously perfect streak of not dating students when he hooks up with Joey.

According to Marino, the Joey/Wilder relationship was supposed to last all of Season 5. Unfortunately for fans of forbidden love and/or inappropriate power dynamics, Marino booked another show and had to bow out early. "We broke up here because I booked another show," Marino told PeopleTV. "I was gonna be on the whole season and then I booked ... I think it was called 'First Years.' It was a series on NBC." It may not have been worth it — "First Years" was cancelled after three episodes.

Collaboration with Rob Thomas

Marino first appeared on a Rob Thomas show as pathetic P.I. Vinnie Van Lowe on "Veronica Mars." Vinnie was an intermittent thorn in the sides of the Mars family. As the only other private investigator in Neptune, Vinnie took cases that were too shady for Keith Mars. Marino pops up in both the "Veronica Mars" movie and the Hulu revival, showing how endeared Thomas is to the actor. Marino has kept close to the Thomas fold, even guesting on "iZombie" as another shady dude, this time a lawyer with a loose set of morals.

Marino also starred on Thomas' cult comedy classic "Party Down" as Ron, the manager of the catering company at the show's center. Ron's dedication to hospitality is only matched by his incompetence at it. "Party Down" was cancelled after two seasons, but rumors of a movie or reboot are always in the offing.

Work with Abominable Pictures

Marino frequently stars on shows produced by Abominable Pictures. Founded by Jonathan Stern, the company has made many shows for Adult Swim, plus a few movies. Abominable produced "Diggers," a 2006 film written by Marino and starring his "Wet Hot" co-star Paul Rudd.

Marino also had a featured role in "Childrens Hospital," the Adult Swim hospital soap parody. Originally created by Rob Corddry as a web show, it was picked up by Adult Swim in 2009. Marino played Dr. Glenn Richie, a character he'd originated in "The Ten." Richie was the hospital playboy, and made out with most characters at least once. Richie appeared on the Netflix spin-off of the show, "Medical Police," where he's in private practice.

Marino also starred in season one of "Burning Love," a "Bachelor" parody created by Marino's wife, Erica Oyama. Marino directed the show in addition to playing dimwitted firefighter Mark Orlando.

Ken Marino is a go-to guest star

It seems like Ken Marino has guested on just about every TV show imaginable, reuniting often with State members in the process. He played local news anchor Gus on "Fresh Off the Boat." He's done episodes of "Las Vegas," "Monk," "Grey's Anatomy," "Eastbound & Down," "Speechless," and "Bob's Burgers." Marino even smooched his "Veronica Mars" adversary Kristen Bell on "House of Lies."

He guested on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" as Captain Jason Stentley, or C.J. for short. Captain Stentley replaced Holt as head of the Nine-Nine while he was in witness protection, which put Marino in close contact with his State bro Joe Lo Truglio. Marino also cameoed a few times on "Reno 911!" Created by State alums Lennon, Garant, and Kenney-Silver, the "Reno 911!" movie had guest spots from every member of the troupe. Marino played a tattoo artist, who the cops met while investigating a mystery man tattooed on Clementine Johnson's breast.

Marino also had a recurring role on "Black Monday." The show follows the events leading up to the titular Black Monday, a stock market crash in 1987. Marino played the dual role of the fictional Lehman brothers, Larry and Lenny Lehman.

Who manages the manager on The Other Two?

One of Marino's standout parts is a supporting role on Comedy Central's "The Other Two." The critically acclaimed show follows the two older siblings of a tween YouTube star, Chase Dreams. Marino plays Chase's less-than-competent manager, Streeter. Streeter often seems indifferent to Chase's wellbeing, seeming to forget that he is still a child. Streeter frequently clashes with Chase's older siblings, who wish to keep some of his innocence intact. For a show about internet fame and the hangers-on it can bring, "The Other Two" is surprisingly warm-hearted.

"The Other Two" stars Drew Tarver and Heléne Yorke as Chase's siblings, with Molly Shannon as their mother. Created by former "Saturday Night Live" head writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, the show's first season aired on Comedy Central. In August of 2020, it was announced that the show's second season would move to HBO Max.