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The Raunchy Dramedy Series That's Heating Up On Netflix

Netflix found success as a streaming platform in no small part due to its original programming. Early shows on the streaming platform like "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black" put Netflix on the map as a provider of new, engaging storytelling. Over the years, shows like "Stranger Things," "Glow," "Queens Gambit" and others have kept Netflix competitive with newer streaming services like Disney+ and HBO Max.

There probably isn't one unifying secret to what makes a Netflix series successful, but there's one common thing in many successful shows across all of television: sex. While Netflix shows like "Bonding" and "Sex Education" are more direct in their intentions, shows like "Sense8" and, more recently, the Shonda Rhimes seriesĀ Bridgerton focus on social politics and cultural complexities as they pertain to human sexuality.

Beginning April 28, Netflix is adding another show that takes a more direct approach to the beast with two backs. It's in the name of the show, just in case you were looking for subtlety.

Sexify turns up the temperature

Netflix's newest celebration of hormones is the Polish series "Sexify." Stories featuring young people struggling to understand who they are through the lens of their own burgeoning sexuality are popular for many reasons, including their relatability. Plenty of cultures across the globe have a self-perpetuating anxiety surrounding sexuality, and it usually starts when people are young. Viewers can relate to their own traumatic stories from our adolescence when they were stuck blundering through a sexual awakening.

"Sexify" tells the story of Natalia (Aleksandra Skraba), a young woman whose life is more focused on technology and computer programming than it is on dating or romance. However, as she prepares for a tech competition, the complexities of human relationships find her through the experiences of her roommate Monika (Sandra Drzymalska) and her best friend Paulina (Maria Sobocinska).

With Monika and Paulina's help, Natalia sets up to create an app to help women "discover themselves." The eight-episode series is an exploration of women's sexuality, their relationships with their partners, self love, and other carnal pleasures. Obviously, the series is also about the impediments women deal with when seeking sexual strength and understanding, but it's not going to deny itself the right to have some fun in the process.

Sexify is now available to stream on Netflix. It shouldn't come as a shock that it's rated TV-MA.