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What Happened To Sarah Neeley From My 600-Lb Life?

"My 600-Lb Life" on TLC shines a light on morbid obesity like no show has ever done before. Each season, a unique person gets their own episode where the cameras follow them around in their everyday life as they begin to embark on the journey of a lifetime with Dr. Now, who tells them how much they need to exercise and how they need to adhere to his famous diet plan where people can only consume between 1,000 and 1,200 calories a day. 

It's not merely their weights that participants have to contend with. In many instances, there are numerous issues behind the scenes that make recovery all the more difficult. Many of the people struggling have childhood trauma they're still working through, or have additional health problems that require additional care. That was on clear display with Season 6's Sarah Neeley as she battled substance abuse issues in tandem with overeating. 

Her time on "My 600-Lb Life" was harrowing, but eventually, she was able to lose enough weight on her own to qualify for the surgery from Dr. Now. It's never an easy road to recovery, but Neeley has been doing an exceptional job picking up the pieces. 

Sarah Neeley gave birth to a beautiful baby girl

By the end of her episode, Neeley weighed in at 393 pounds after starting at 642, resulting in a total weight loss of roughly 260 pounds. It was a great way to begin the next chapter of her life, but it hasn't been all easygoing since the cameras turned off. 

The most heart-wrenching thing to happen in the aftermath of her first appearance was revealed during her "Where Are They Now?" episode when she discussed how she suffered a miscarriage. It was a traumatic experience, and she spoke at length about how it was immensely difficult to move past it. Fortunately, things now seem to be on the up-and-up. On Instagram, she's posted extensively following the birth of her daughter, whom she had with her now-husband, Jonah.

In an interview with Starcasm, Neeley sounded ready to move forward with her new family with optimism, saying, "I'm ready for my life. A peaceful quiet life with my new starting out family. Being a good wife and a good mom are my focus. Enjoying life. That's all I want after all the chaos I've already lived." On top of that, she continues to maintain her sobriety, and in December 2019, she told her followers, "I got to enjoy [Christmas] this year sober. I've been drunk on [Christmas] every year except this year since early teens." 

The journey may still be tough, but by all accounts, it's looking as though Sarah Neeley is doing quite well these days.