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Wayne Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Since its 2019 premiere on YouTube's premium service, "Wayne" has proven to be the ultimate underdog, both onscreen and off. The series follows an angry teen named Wayne (Mark McKenna) who embarks on a bloody road trip with his girlfriend Del (Ciara Bravo) in order to retrieve his dead father's Pontiac Trans-Am. It's a wild, profane ride that feels like someone put a John Green novel in a blender with "Dirty Harry" — and viewers loved it. The trouble was never a lack of fans. Instead, "Wayne" was left homeless after YouTube got out of the scripted originals game.

Then, in November 2020, "Wayne" got a second chance at life when Amazon Prime scooped up the streaming rights to Season 1. Since then, more viewers have found Wayne and Del's jaw-dropping road trip adventure, and those same viewers are craving more. Unfortunately, Amazon hasn't officially renewed "Wayne" for a second season, but the show hasn't been canceled either.

As a result, the critically-acclaimed teen dramedy — it's rated 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes — remains in a state of limbo. But even though Amazon hasn't officially ordered a second season, series creator Shawn Simmons still has big plans for "Wayne." Read on for everything we know about the potential "Wayne" Season 2 so far.

When will Wayne Season 2 be released on Amazon?

Since "Wayne" hasn't been renewed yet, there's currently no information on when a potential Season 2 might air. However, even if Amazon orders another season, fans are likely in for a long wait for new episodes. Since Season 1 was originally released in 2019, the cast is busy working on other projects.

For instance, Mark McKenna starred in the Peacock original series "One of Us Is Lying," which premiered in October 2022, and has future projects already lined up. Since there can't be a "Wayne" without Wayne, a second season will have to wait until the young actor's schedule is freed up.

And that's only if Amazon orders a second season before McKenna and the rest of the cast move on to even more projects.

Who will star in a potential second season of Wayne?

Again, "Wayne" simply won't work without Mark McKenna, so if a second season happens, he'll have to return. Likewise, Del is also an essential part of the story, so Ciara Bravo would need to be onboard, as well. Other cast members who would probably return include Dean Winters as Del's father Bobby, Jamie and Jon Champagne as Del's twin brothers, Joshua J. Williams as Wayne's friend Orlando, and Mike O'Malley as the principal of Wayne's school.

Despite a number of bloody encounters, all of the primary characters made it out of Season 1 alive, which means it would make sense for the majority of the original cast of "Wayne" to return, barring any scheduling conflicts. Additionally, since Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger that Simmons confirmed would lead to Wayne spending time in juvie in Season 2, a second season would no doubt introduce plenty of new faces, too.

What would Wayne Season 2 be about?

The story of "Wayne" is a personal one to Simmons since it's set in his hometown of Brockton, Massachusetts. As a result, he's already written the Season 2 premiere and mapped out the rest of the season despite the fact that he's still waiting for news on whether or not Amazon plans to continue the show. In a November 2020 interview with Inverse, the series creator opened up about what's next for Wayne and Del.

"I don't think it gives too much awat to say that Wayne's in juvie," Simmons said. "Del's in a place I'll hold back on, but the whole season's about Wayne trying to go straight, trying to earn back Del and find the peace he deserves."

For his part, Mark McKenna wants to see Season 2 become a reality. "The script that you have for the first episode of Season 2 is probably the best of the 'Wayne' saga I've read," he told the showrunner, as reported by Inverse. "It would just be ... very nice to be able to make it."

Even though "Wayne" hasn't premiered any new episodes since 2019, fans shouldn't count this scrappy show out just yet. If any show can defy the odds and return after such a long hiatus, it's definitely "Wayne."