Why Wayne Fans Were So Happy He Ended Up In Prison

There are so many TV shows and streaming services out there these days. It's easy for a show to fall off of people's radars, and unfortunately, that means a gem occasionally slips through the cracks and gets canceled before it has a chance to find an audience. It's only natural for people who did discover the show to feel upset when that happens, and all one can do is try to support a great show next time. Despite airing in 2019, plenty of people out there wish the YouTube Premium series "Wayne" somehow gets brought back to life.

After one season consisting of 10 episodes that debuted in January 2019, "Wayne" was quietly canceled not too long after. The show, which follows a boy who tries to get back his dad's stolen car with his crush's help, was moved to Amazon Prime Video, but it appears that the streamer doesn't have any plans to bring the show back any time soon. 

The series is still worth checking out, and the ending may have you feeling relieved despite the circumstances. Bare in mind, spoilers are ahead for a series that went off the air a while ago.

Fans thought prison was better than death

The final episode of "Wayne" ends with Del's (Ciara Bravo) father crashing into Del and Wayne's (Mark McKenna) car. As Wayne lies unconscious, her dad mutilates his nose and leaves him to die. It generally looks like it might be the end of the road for Wayne for a few brief seconds, but that's when the surprise happens. The episode cuts to Wayne in a prison cell, and for many fans, that was just a delight to see. 

It may not bode well for the hero, but it's better to see him locked up in a cell than dead. That's how many fans thought, including Redditor u/Quake1880, who wrote, "I was sure he was dead. Never been so happy to see someone in prison!" Wayne being in prison certainly leaves the door open for a second season, which seems like it won't come to fruition at this point, despite fans clamoring for one online. 

Further down in the Reddit thread, many people chime in with their hopes, like u/JustAnjel writing, "Way better than I expected, looking forward to season 2!" Sadly, it doesn't seem like that'll be the case, but at least fans can rest easy knowing somewhere out there, Wayne is in prison ready to break out.