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Here's Why The Pawn Stars Were Sued For $20,000

Not every transaction at the shop in "Pawn Stars" ends happily. Sometimes the pawnbrokers get duped; sometimes they let a good deal slip by; and sometimes a deal just ever materializes. In one instance, a customer sued the family business in 2012 after an incident at the Las Vegas pawn shop. The suit to work its way up to the Clark County District Court, where the plaintiff sought out $20,000 in damages. 

The aggrieved customer claimed to have been treated poorly during his exchange at the world famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and that his items were damaged during the incident. All of this sparked concern for fans, but it didn't take long before Corey Harrison stepped in and responded to the lawsuit, hoping to clear any negative press that surfaced.Here are al the details on what happened at the "Pawn Stars" shop that led to the lawsuit and how Corey responded.

Claims of abuse, neglect, and damages at the Pawn Stars shop

Daniel Callahan, a 62-year-old disabled Vietnam veteran, brought his Model 96B rifle to the pawn shop to have it appraised. Unfortunately for him, it didn't go exactly as planned. According to the lawsuit, which was first reported by the syndicated TV show, "Right This Minute," Callahan got into a dispute with the Harrisons, owners Rick and his father, The Old Man. Callahan claims the two placed him "in a chokehold, dragged him through the store, and threw him onto the sidewalk." On top of that, Callahan claims that both his cane and rifle were damaged in the altercation. 

As a result, Callahan sued the shop to cover his medical expenses. During the trial, Callahan formally claimed the Harrison's failed to provide "reasonable and necessary" security at the pawn shop. While the altercation didn't take place in front of Rick's son, Corey Harrison, that didn't stop him from coming out and giving his side of the story, hoping to clear the family name.

There are two sides to every story.

A few months later, Corey Harrison shared his family's side of the story with the Las Vegas Review-Journal to dispel the reports making it appear that his father and grandfather "did some kind of tag team on this guy." Corey claims Rick and The Old Man were never actually in the room with him when this happened. He goes on to say that the man became "absolutely irate with a weapon in his hand."

"He was screaming, 'I want to see the owner,'" said Corey. "I'm going with my employees because if I were out there, I would have done the exact same thing. The way he was acting, it was in our best interests to get him out of there." Not much came out following this statement from Corey. There aren't any details as to the lawsuit's outcome, but considering the amount of the lawsuit and how much money the "Pawn Stars" cast has, they likely settled the matter outs of court.