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The Most Toxic Thing Leslie Did To April On Parks And Recreation

"Parks and Recreation" fans know Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) always has a solution and a smile for every obstacle. Many can agree that she is the glue that holds that fictional city of Pawnee, Indiana, together, and without her, the town would be much bleaker. Throughout seven seasons of "Parks & Rec," she serves as the hardest-working member of government, even after she moves beyond the Parks Department. 

Some fans may be shocked to find out some people think Leslie isn't as perfect as she tries to be. She can be spiteful and take things personally. There have even been a handful of times throughout the series that she was toxic to one of her friends or coworkers. One perfect example of this was when she sabotaged Ben Wyatt's (Adam Scott) personal life after the two broke up, though obviously that worked out in the end. So what about April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza)? We narrowed down the most toxic thing Leslie did to April on "Parks and Recreation."

April was scared to tell Leslie how she felt

In the middle of Season 7 of "Parks and Recreation," Leslie and April were in Washington and start to talk about Leslie's five-year plan for politics. Well, Leslie is talking about her five-year plan in politics. April doesn't say much. Instead, she's consumed by the idea of working for the government for another five years. Later in the episode, April finally works up the nerve to tell Leslie she wants to quit her job. As a result, Leslie freaks out and storms off.

Although Leslie ended up meeting with April to apologize and even helps her find her dream job, it was still a terrible way to react. April needed Leslie as a friend at that moment, and instead, Leslie put her own feelings at the forefront. All she really cared about at first was losing one of her work friends. Leslie should have been more supportive from the start without making April feel bad for following her heart. In the end, April finds her dream job, and the two remain friends, even though they no longer work together.