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The Most Powerful Character On Brooklyn Nine-Nine Isn't Who You Think

The characters of NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine are some of the quirkiest on television. From Sergeant Amy Santiago's (Melissa Fumero) obsession with organization to Detective Charles Boyle's (Joe Lo Truglio) extreme gastronomic passion, the officers of the Nine-Nine are as zany as they come. In fact, the series bucks the common sitcom tradition of including a "straight man," whose composure grounds the other characters. But looking past their eccentricities, a recent piece by ScreenRant asked an interesting question: Which member of the station is the most powerful?

Now, some might immediately point to Terry Crews' Lieutenant Terry Jeffords — he of the famous dancing pectorals. Or perhaps we look to the tough-as-nails Detective Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz), whose stare can wither most into submission. Or maybe the no-nonsense Captain Raymond Holt; he is the unit's commanding officer after all. But all of them — despite muscles, attitude, or rank — have backed down when up against the show's real powerhouse: Gina Linetti.

Gina Linetti's power of personality wins out on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The only non-uniformed member of the show's main cast, Gina (Chelsea Peretti) served as the unit's civilian administrator and Holt's assistant until her departure in season 6. And while she had neither gun nor badge, she wielded incredible power by sheer force of personality.

In season 4, when Jeffords seeks to transform the station into a more Earth-friendly operation, he and Gina clash over her beloved, energy-consuming space heater. Ignoring Jeffords' directive, Gina hides the heater under a comically large skirt, which subsequently catches fire. Expecting her surrender, Jeffords informs her that she doesn't have the upper hand when "there's flames shooting out of your butt." But, in true Linetti fashion, Gina crosses her arms and remains dedicated to protecting her heater, declaring that she always has the upper hand, "especially when there's flames shooting out of [her] butt."

And it wasn't just in the precinct that Gina used the power of her personality to overcome adversity. After leaving the Nine-Nine to pursue other interests (against the recommendations of pretty much everyone), Linetti returns later in the sixth season and is revealed to be an extremely successful internet celebrity. She has amassed an enormous following, despite having no discernible talent beyond her ability to convince others of her importance. That, folks, is an incredible power none of her former colleagues has ever matched.