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Best Leftovers Ever! Season 2 - What We Know So Far

There's just something special about leftovers the next day. And while cold pizza the next morning certainly hits different, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the extra food in ways you may not have thought of previously. And there's actually a fairly straightforward way to turn pretty much anything you have in a to-go box into delicious croquettes. If you require more inspiration to figure out how to make your leftovers into delicacies, then the latest Netflix cooking competition show — Best Leftovers Ever! — is right up your alley.

The first season dropped on December 30, 2020, and over the course of eight episodes, viewers could watch amateur cooks tackle an array of challenges, such as turning late-night snacks into scrumptious breakfast dishes. It's all part of the latest push by Netflix to have more cooking programming to join the likes of Nailed It and Crazy Delicious. The question is: Can Best Leftovers Ever! stand the test of time? Here's what we know about season 2 as of right now.

What's the release date for Best Leftovers Ever! season 2?

Despite coming out back in December 2020, Netflix has yet to officially announce whether Best Leftovers Ever! is even coming back for a second season. However, Netflix seems to really be invested in its cooking shows with Nailed It, one of the best game shows period on the platform, already having multiple seasons plus a ton of spin-offs, so we wouldn't be surprised to hear a renewal confirmation at some point in the near future. 

In the event the show does get picked up for more episodes, we would expect season 2 to come out relatively quickly. When looking at the release schedule for the mainline Nailed It series, each new season comes out less than a year after the previous one. We don't have exact numbers, but considering the show takes place in a single location and could conceivably be filmed in a matter of weeks, it wouldn't surprise us to see Best Leftovers Ever! season 2 come out late 2021. 

Who could be guest judges on Best Leftovers Ever! season 2?

Best Leftovers Ever! is hosted by Jackie Tohn, known for her comedic sensibilities on TV shows like GLOWThe Good Place, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She brings her brand of humor to the cooking show, providing much-needed zingers as contestants try to complete their dish before time runs out. She's joined on the panel by judges David So and Rosemary Shrager, and we would expect all three to come back to eat some tasty leftovers once again.

They don't have any guest judges throughout the first season, likely due to the fact the series was still finding its footing. If it does get picked up again, then there would be a higher likelihood of some familiar faces stopping by to offer their input. Other than that, each episode brings in three contestants who vie for the chance of winning that $10,000 prize, so there will be plenty of new faces for season 2 in that regard. 

What challenges could be on Best Leftovers Ever! season 2?

Best Leftovers Ever! season 1 had an array of challenges that really put the contestants through the wringer. They were not only told what kind of leftovers they had to utilize but what type of dish the food had to go into. For example, one episode saw the contestants take food you may have in the fridge after a children's birthday party and were tasked with incorporating those ingredients into something you'd want to have for brunch the next day. 

While there's no word on what participants may have to do for the second go-round, we'd expect similar challenges to take place. It's this concept that really sets the show apart from other cooking competition series, and judge David So even spoke about that to Entertainment Tonight: "The concept of elevating leftover foods is not reheating, it's bringing it to another level." Watching Mexican food get turned into gnocchi or green bean casserole find new life on a sandwich proves there's plenty of content for a second season to carry on with.