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The Three Justice League Members Lois Lane Ends Up Dating In Smallville

There's probably no couple in superhero comics more iconic than Superman and Lois Lane. The Last Son From Krypton and The Daily Planet's greatest investigative journalist are a pairing that has gelled so well together. In fact, seeing the two apart at any time may feel odd to some. Whether it be in comics, Zach Snyder's Justice League movie, or the current CW Superman and Lois series, the two always seemed destined to be each other's romantic endgame.

However, there have been occasions where the two have dated other people, and each of their dating resumes are impressive. Throughout much of Smallville, Clark's main love interest was Lana Lang before Lois came into the picture. And during the often shocking DC Comics New 52 Reboot, Superman and Wonder Woman actually dated each other, although that got retconned during the following "Rebirth" era. As CBR noted, the public wasn't exactly 100 percent on board with the pairing.

As for Lois, she's no stranger to the dating scene either, but some of her choices raised a few eyebrows. For instance, in the ironically named Superman's Girlfriend # 103, she almost marries a Satan-like alien.

But perhaps Lois' most impressive dating achievement is not only becoming involved with one member of the Justice League, but three.

In Smallville, Lois dated three Justice League heroes

In Smallville, Lois Lane found herself dating three heroic members of the Justice League. As Screen Rant wrote, the most obvious member of the League Lois dates is of course Clark Kent, who winds up becoming her ultimate love interest by season 9. After all, some things will never change between the two. Besides Clark, however, Lois also became romantically involved with Aquaman and Green Arrow on the show.

Arthur "AC" Curry appears in Smallville season 5, after saving Lois from a drowning incident at Crater Lake in the episode "Aqua." The two then become briefly romantically involved, but Curry left to travel within the world's seas. He appears again in season 6 as a part of Oliver Queen's team of heroes, which also included Bart Allen and Victor Stone.

Speaking of Queen, he and Lois were briefly involved in season 6, when he asked her out to a charity ball hosted by Lex Luthor. Although there was a mutual attraction between them, the two ultimately became just friends, as Oliver's main romantic interest in the series was Chloe Sullivan.

It truly does take super qualities to impress the star reporter.