This Is The Least Likable Character In American Horror Story: 1984

American Horror Story is filled with morally ambiguous characters. During its chaotic 1984 season, summer camp slashers and a fictionalized version of serial killer Richard Ramirez (Zach Villa) collide with multiple murders, roller skating, and Kajagoogoo. It's a wild ride, and not every character survives the trip with their bodies or morals intact. Likability can become a relative quality.

Who proves to be the least likable character overall? Could it be Montana (Billie Lourd), former lover of Ramirez, who makes a deal with him to kill off Brooke (Emma Roberts) in a bold revenge plot? What about Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch), the camp serial killer with a tragic backstory? Could it be Ramirez himself? The guy's popular enough with his Devils Night brethren at the Cortez, but in 1984 he's so loathed that his fellow ghosts are stuck killing him again and again to keep his spirit from escaping Camp Redwood.

We picked someone else — the only person on the show whose love of greed trumped their principles and anything resembling a moral code.

It's hard to disagree that Margaret is the worst character in AHS: 1984

Margaret Booth (Leslie Grossman) takes the win for "least likable" on AHS: 1984 due to her lack of any redeeming qualities. You know a character is rotten to the core when the least sympathetic figure in the show isn't the actual murderer.

Even though Margaret is dealt a bad hand in her youth, her murder spree isn't focused on the camp counselors who taunted her back in the '70s. Instead, she chooses to pin the blame on the innocent Benjamin Richter, whose only crime is a crush on her. That ruins his life, setting the stage for the appearance of "Mr. Jingles."  

Using religion as a protective shield, Margaret turns murder into a profitable business. By the end of the decade, she makes a mint buying up properties where infamous murders took place and transforming them into tourist traps. 

When her reign of terror ends thanks to a woodchipper, you may want to applaud, especially when she finds herself stuck in purgatory with many of her victims at Camp Redwood. Her fellow ghosts can now band together and protect innocents like Bobby Richter, ensuring that her wicked reign over the camp is over.

Thus, for not showing a single shred of consideration or caring for others, Margaret Booth wins the merit badge for least sympathetic character on the whole show.