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Andre The Giant Actor On His Special Bond With Young Rock Actor - Exclusive

One of the strongest parts of NBC's feel good sitcom Young Rock is the cast's easy chemistry. This was on full display in the episode "My Day with Andre," where Andre the Giant (Matthew Willig) and young Dewey (Adrian Groulx). In an exclusive interview, Willig told us that he "had a kinship with [Groulx] early on, which was genuine. I love the kid."

Willig speaks highly of Groulx's poise and potential. "I think he's super talented. I think he's going to become a star. I really do. The kid walked on set and knew his lines. And if he messed up a line here and there, which didn't happen very often ... It was like no big deal. There was no stress to him. Now, I'm sure behind the scenes, he was nervous about things, but he just had this amazing ability around all of the adults ... He was the one making everybody feel really comfortable, which was amazing."

Willig and Groulx bonded off camera

The two made sure to bond off set, too. "We went to the Gold Coast, outside of Brisbane, Australia. And we were there with his mother a couple of days when we weren't shooting. We had the opportunity to go to the beach every day, him and I, and hang out. And just little things like that, hanging out. We did rooftop barbecues together. All these things socially that enabled us to have that relationship and have it not be fake to begin with, so that part was really cool."

As a result, Willig and Groulx have developed a genuine friendship, off camera. "I can't say enough about the kid. I think he's really sweet. We text each other every now and then, and just say, 'Hey, I miss you.' And he says, 'I miss you too.' And so, we're looking forward to the day that we can get back together again."

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