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What Some Fans Think Is The Secret Connection Between Stormfront And Homelander

Over the course of two barn-burning seasons on Amazon Prime Video, the Seth Rogen- and Evan Goldberg-produced "superhero" saga The Boys has proven itself an action-packed, blissfully brutal drama with a taste for cringe-worthy gore, shocking sexual encounters, and head-spinning narrative twists that truly knows no bounds. It's also proven to be the subversive deconstruction of superhero mythos the genre needs more than a decade into the Marvel era. And indeed, the so-called supers populating The Boys landscape don't exactly fit the heroic mold, with many of them indulging in activities that are downright villainous. 

The worst of the bunch is undoubtedly Anthony Starr's supremely powerful and almost callously homicidal leader of The Seven, Homelander. But as bad as Homelander has been over The Boys' first two seasons, he was almost outdone by the season 2 arrival of the social-media-savvy Stormfront (Aya Cash), a not-so-former Nazi with superpowered ethnic cleansing on the brain. As such, it seemed only natural that the two super-baddies would pair off at some point in the season. They eventually do so (often in suitably acrobatic fashion) before Stormfront's Nazi past comes back to haunt her, and well before she suffers potentially fatal wounds in The Boys' explosive season 2 finale.   

Prior to that downfall, her relationship with Homelander is one of the steamiest that the boundary-pushing The Boys has yet delivered. But most fans of the series seemed to sense something just slightly off — or even uncomfortable — about their dynamic. If the recent fan theory taking flight on Reddit turns out to be true, fans were right to pick up on that odd dynamic. And the twisted theory may prove we've only just begun to scratch the surface of Homelander's considerable mommy issues.

Homelander and Stormfront's connection may be more sordid than almost anyone could've thought

That twisted theory is that the vile, racist Stormfront is actually the mother of the vile, murderous Homelander. And as laid out by Reddit user sinburger, there's a legit basis for it being possible, if not obvious, at this point. We'll spare you all the precise details of sinburger's theory (the post is quite convincing), but the long and short of it is that Stormfront — who is considerably older than she appears and has teased her "super" past circa the 1970s — is in fact the mysteriously vanished super Liberty. Liberty disappeared in 1979, possibly doing so because she was pregnant with the boy who would become Homelander. 

There's more to sinburger's madness, too, with user JSevetar agreeing with their plot points almost across the board. "I was thinking the same, and it fits the narrative as Homelander has mother issues. Although I suspect it was just her genes they used to create him." TheGreatZasta concurred, offering "I've been saying this ever since she showed up. This is the exact kind of twist The Boys would pull and it would be a missed opportunity if they didn't. The fact that Homelander has been hooking up with his own mother is going to drive him over the edge even further than he already is."

And while Papa_Hemingway_ agrees in principle, they put their own unsettling spin on that original theory. "I think that Stormfront is not Liberty, but is actually her daughter. Homelander, meanwhile, is a Compound V-ed up clone of Liberty which would make things interesting because he'd sort of be Stormfront's dad."  Whether either theory turns out to be true, it should be interesting to see if there's more to Stormfront and Homenlander's story in season 3 of The Boys.