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This Is The Most Likeable Character In Insecure

Each member of the Insecure gang brings their own energy to the room — whether it's Issa's anxiety-tinged optimism, to Molly's bold, no-nonsense attitude and fierce loyalty to her friends. The show, which has been renewed for its fifth and, sadly, its final season, has a knack for crafting flawed characters that are often frustrating, comedic, endearing, and wholly relatable all at once. Perhaps that's why the show's established such an intense fan base, launching creator and star Issa Rae into the stratosphere — Rae just signed an eight-figure deal with WarnerMedia to continue to create work that brings nuanced characters and stories to life.

While we're excited for Rae's next projects, we'll certainly miss the personalities on Insecure. No character on the show is by any means perfect, but there's one who's clearly the most likable, according to Screen Rant. So who's the character on Insecure who wins the most hearts?

Kelli is the most likable character on Insecure

Although she's not one of the main stars of the show, Kelli manages to steal the spotlight no matter what scene she's in. It's only natural for a character as audacious and fun-loving as she is — she will unapologetically pivot any conversation to be about herself, and speak up when she feels like someone's stealing her thunder. While she has her share of absurd quirks, her best quality is her ability to make anyone laugh, including herself (she's known to crack herself up on many an occasion).

Kelli is unapologetically loud, self-assured, self-centered, and highly sexual. Perhaps she represents qualities audiences wish they had themselves, but are too confined by convention to express. After all, not everyone would insist that their cupcakes were displayed front and center at a baby shower, even after the host said there wasn't room, or shamelessly flirt with a donor at Issa's fundraiser in an effort to help her friend. "The stronger the libation the bigger the donation," she says to Issa as she over-pours drinks while working as bartender at the event.

Kelli's irreverent behavior has been known to get her into trouble — let's not forget when she got tased at Coachella after starting a fight with a fellow concertgoer, then tried to escape security in an effort to see Beyoncé. Or when she faked a British accent for no apparent reason and was subsequently called out when it miraculously disappeared. But despite her foibles, Kelli will do anything for her friends. As an accountant, she helped Issa when her finances were a mess. And she dedicatedly searched for her best friend Tiffany when she went missing, to the point of breaking the law by forcefully opening the door of a city bus.

While Kelli may be disappearing along with Insecure, the actress who plays her isn't going anywhere. Natasha Rothwell is a comedian who got her start as a writer on SNL, and is a writer and producer on Insecure as well. She recently signed her own deal with HBO to write and star in her own show, giving Rothwell the spotlight she deserves.